The Defense Ministry showed the work of Pion artillery installations during a special operation

In the course of a special military operation, crews of Pion self-propelled artillery mounts discovered  positions of the enemy and delivered accurate strikes on designated targets, the RF Ministry of Defense reports.

Thus, equipped firing positions and observation posts of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the forest were destroyed by live fire. Well-coordinated crews of the self-propelled guns “Peony” carried out live firing from closed firing positions with high-explosive fragmentation shells at a distance of up to 30 kilometers.

The department notes that reconnaissance of targets and guidance of artillery pieces is carried out in the daytime and at night using unmanned aerial vehicles.


Earlier, the Russian military, as part of a special military operation to demilitarize Ukraine, destroyed the stationing point of foreign mercenaries in the Odessa region.

Also, the artillery training center of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was destroyed in the Sumy region. There, foreign instructors taught Ukrainian soldiers howitzers M777.

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What penalty do they want to introduce for violations when working with biometric data?

The Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media decided to toughen the punishment for incorrect processing of biometric data. According to the initiative, violators for deliberate data forgery will face a fine or a prison sentence.

They want to introduce amendments to the Administrative and Criminal Code of the Russian Federation in order to increase the security of biometric information.

What can threaten for fraud with biometric data?

According to the amendments to the Administrative Code, the fine for violations of work with biometrics will be from 100,000 to 300,000 rubles for officials and from 300,000 to 500,000 rubles for legal entities.

Processing biometric data without accreditation will be punishable by a fine of 300,000 to 600,000 rubles for officials and from 500,000 to 1 million rubles for legal entities.

According to amendments to the Criminal Code, for the deliberate introduction of ” “knowingly false information” to the Unified Biometric System (UBS) will face a fine of up to 300,000 rubles, forced or compulsory labor, a temporary ban on holding certain positions or imprisonment for up to five years, and in case of serious consequences — up to 10 years.

If “inaccurate information” were entered into the EBS by mistake or negligence and led to damage to citizens or businesses, then imprisonment will not apply.

What is biometric data?

There is no specific list in the law, so various characteristics can be brought under regulation, including fingerprints, an iris scan, DNA tests, height, weight, images, photographs, videos and other data that allow you to identify.


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Russian servicemen destroyed T-72 tanks delivered to Ukraine

Russian servicemen destroyed T-72 tanks and other armored vehicles supplied by Eastern European countries with high-precision missiles, located in the buildings of a wagon-repair enterprise on the outskirts of Kyiv, the RF Ministry of Defense reports.

Also in several settlements of the DPR, factory workshops were destroyed, in which military equipment damaged during the hostilities was repaired and restored for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In addition, control points  81st and 95th air assault brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as well as six areas of concentration of manpower and Ukrainian military equipment.

In the Odessa region, Russian air defense systems shot down an An-26 military transport aircraft Air Force of Ukraine, transporting weapons and military equipment.

10 unmanned aerial vehicles were destroyed in the settlements of the DPR, LPR and Zaporozhye region, including the unmanned aerial vehicle “Bayraktar TB2” in the Kharkiv region.

Tochka-U tactical missiles intercepted in a day and  three Ukrainian shells of the Uragan multiple launch rocket system were shot down, the department added.

In April, it became known that Poland began supplying Ukraine with Soviet-style armored vehicles, in particular T-72 tanks. According to some reports, Warsaw delivered to Ukraine the first batch of T-72 tanks removed from storage. How many tanks were in the party — it is not known, but in total, the Poles intend to supply the Armed Forces of Ukraine, according to various sources, from 100 to 500 MBT T-72M.

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Italian FM warns of ‘world war for bread’

The head of the Italian Foreign Ministry saw the risk of new wars and coup d'état due to a grain shortage There is already a “world war for bread” in the world because of the threat of a grain shortage, 30 million tons of which cannot be taken out of Ukraine, Di Maio said. There is a risk that this will cause new wars in Africa, he believes alt=”Italian FM warns of 'world war for bread'” />

If the grain blocked in Ukrainian ports is not delivered to buyers, this threatens to cause political instability, and new conflicts will begin in Africa, said Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio, Agenzia Italia reports.

He said that because of Russian warships, 30 million tons of wheat could not be taken out of Ukraine, and work was underway to unblock the ports. “Because without this grain, we risk new wars breaking out in Africa. We risk political instability, the proliferation of terrorist organizations and coups,” — the minister explained.

Di Maio added that on Tuesday, June 7, there will be a dialogue session with the Mediterranean countries on the issue of food security, which will also be attended by representatives of Germany, Turkey and France. The head of the Italian Foreign Ministry called the current situation in the world a “historic moment”, pointing out that many families were faced with a rise in the price of bread, and industries & mdash; with rising resource prices, reports the newspaper Conquiste del Lavoro.

“The world war for bread is already underway, and we must stop it, and Putin must sit down at the negotiating table and conclude a peace agreement as soon as possible, which also includes an agreement on wheat,»— emphasized the Italian minister.

In early May, the UN reported about 4.5 million tons of grain accumulated in Ukraine, urging Russia to open the harbors and ensure the free passage of ships. Because of this, UN Secretary-General António Guterres suggested that Moscow let ships with grain pass in exchange for lifting sanctions on the export of potash fertilizers from Russia and Belarus, sources told The Wall Street Journal.

By mid-May, the US authorities estimated the volume of grain blocked in Ukraine at 20 million tons. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken called on the countries— UN members to step up pressure on Russia, accusing it of aggravating the food crisis. He explained that Ukrainian farmers wear helmets and body armor for harvesting.

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At the same time, the Kremlin insisted that “illegal actions” led to the blockade of grain supplies from Ukraine; Western countries, and not the Russian side, meaning the sanctions imposed against Russia and Belarus. Commenting on the allegations of a blockade of grain shipments from Ukraine, Dmitry Peskov, a spokesman for the Russian president, stressed: “We categorically reject these accusations and, on the contrary, accuse Western countries of taking a number of illegal actions that led to this blockade.”


Peskov said that the Ukrainian ports are “heavily mined and the waters are now extremely dangerous for navigation,” pointing to the need for a demining operation. After Ukraine has cleared coastal waters of mines, the Russian fleet will be ready to escort ships with grain, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov assured.

Putin said on June 3 that Russia's accusations of a food crisis are an attempt to shift the problem “from a sore head to a healthy one” ;, since the unfavorable situation on the world food market began to take shape even before the special operation in Ukraine. He said that Russia is ready to ensure the unhindered export of Ukrainian grain “without any problems” through controlled ports. According to him, the Russian side is finishing demining the ports of Berdyansk and Mariupol on the Sea of ​​Azov.

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In Kyiv, the speaker of the Hungarian parliament was urged to show a health certificate

Kyiv calls on Hungarian parliament speaker to show mental health certificate aligncenter” src=”” alt=”In Kyiv, the Speaker of the Hungarian Parliament was urged to show a health certificate” />

Laszlo Kever

The speaker of the Hungarian parliament, Laszlo Köver, is to publish a document on his state of mental health, the assessment of the Ukrainian side of his statements about the “psychological problem” will depend on its content; from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. This was stated on Twitter by the representative of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry Oleg Nikolenko.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine is waiting for the publication of a certificate on the state of his mental health by the speaker of the Hungarian Parliament, Laszlo Köver. Further evaluation of the words of Mr. Koever directly depends on the conclusion recorded in the certificate, — written by Nikolenko.

Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Ruslan Stefanchuk, in turn, said he was surprised at the position of Budapest, which “stubbornly continues to throw mud at Ukraine and whitewash Russia.” “Hungary needs to stop living with past problems and stoop to personal grievances, we need to hear what the Transcarpathian Hungarians are asking for today. And this— weapons with which they can defend their homes, — he added.

Earlier, the speaker of the Hungarian parliament from the ruling Fidesz party, Laszlo Köver, said Zelensky’s demands and threats against Budapest and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz speak of his “mental problem". He stressed that he does not remember when the leader of the “problem country” made similar statements.


“Usually, the <…> who needs help is used to asking politely, of course, persistently, but always only asking, never demanding and not threatening at all,— said the Hungarian politician.

Read on RBC Pro Pro Import substitution in Brazil revived the growth of corruption. How It Happened Pro Articles Biotech euphoria is fading in the stock market. What awaits the industry Articles Pro How to enter the UAE market – a case of financial services Cases Pro Meditation changes the brain. Is it so Pro research Let's break through: three keys to success in strategic planning Russia in Ukraine, Budapest refused to supply weapons to Kyiv and banned the transit of their supplies. Prime Minister Viktor Orban attributed the bans to Hungarian security interests.

In response, Zelensky demanded that the Hungarian authorities allow the supply of weapons through the country, he also pointed out that they should refuse Russian energy carriers.

Also, the President of Ukraine criticized Orban and called him the only politician in Europe who continues to support Russian President Vladimir Putin. As a result, Orban ranked Zelensky among his opponents.

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The government revised the assessment of the “digital maturity” of the governors

Now the level of coverage of government agencies with digital technologies will be set for each Russian region separately, the Russian government explained

Dmitry Azarov, Rustam Minnikhanov and Yuri Kokov

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin approved new criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of governors and regional bodies authorities, according to the government website. In particular, the changes will affect six methods for calculating efficiency, including Digital Maturity.

“If earlier it [in the “Digital Maturity” methodology] established a single level of coverage of government agencies with digital technologies for all regions, now this level will be set for each subject separately,” — the message says.

The indicators will reflect the progress of regional authorities in achieving national development goals. Those who have demonstrated the best results will be able to count on additional subsidies from the federal center.

According to the decree of President Vladimir Putin of July 21, 2020, digital transformation is one of the national goals until 2030.

By this date, the share of socially significant services available in electronic form should grow to 95%; share of households connected to broadband Internet access— up to 97%; investments in domestic solutions in the field of information technology should grow four times compared to 2019, etc.

However, at the end of April this year, HSE experts warned that economic sanctions imposed on Russia, including restrictions on the supply of high-tech products, threaten plans to achieve this national goal until 2030.

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In March 2020, Mishustin said that Russia needs to create a “digital special forces” for the digital transformation of state power. According to him, the success of his government depended on the development of the latest generation of technologies by the government.

The Prime Minister compared digital data with natural resources. According to him, this is the “new oil of the 21st century”, only inexhaustible.

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Mikhail Mishustin

politician , Prime Minister of Russia

March 3, 1966

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Erdogan announced the destruction of the security system of the West

The Turkish leader considered it a good idea to reform the UN, recalling that the world is bigger than the five permanent members of the UN Security Council

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Turkish President Recep Erdogan announced the destruction of the system created by the West to ensure their own security and well-being, reports T24.

“The proposal that we have been making for many years about the reform of the UN looks like a good one. The world is more than five [countries— permanent members of the UN Security Council: Russia, China, USA, France, Great Britain]. Now they themselves began to say it. They say we need to reform the UN Security Council,— he emphasized.

The Turkish leader noted that Ankara will not change its position on the issue of Sweden and Finland's membership in NATO until Turkey's demands are met. “We will not agree to change our position on NATO enlargement until our expectations are realized,” — he said.

Erdogan also pointed out that there is a panic in Europe over the situation in Ukraine, while Turkey has been “successfully coping with illegal migration from Syria” for 11 years.

< p>

In mid-April, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said that Russia's military operation in Ukraine demonstrated the need to reform the UN Security Council.

As an example of the ineffectiveness of the UN Security Council, Kishida referred to an attempt to pass a resolution condemning the Russian special operation. On February 26, when the vote was taking place, Russia vetoed it.

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Tokyo intends to make every effort to reform the international organization, Kishida stressed, adding that Russia, as a permanent member of the Security Council, bears great responsibility to the international community for its peace and security.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky several times called for Russia to be excluded from the UN Security Council. He first came up with this initiative in early March. At that time, British Permanent Representative to the UN Barbara Woodward said that there were no grounds for suspending Russia's membership.

A month later, the Ukrainian leader again demanded that Russia be expelled from the UN Security Council, but US Permanent Representative to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield emphasized what to do it's impossible.

«The Security Council— it is the result of the creation of the UN after World War II. They [Russia] are members of the Security Council. It is a fact. We cannot change it, but we can certainly isolate them in the Security Council, — she said.

Russian Permanent Representative to the UN Vasily Nebenzya explained that it is impossible to deprive Russia of membership in the Security Council of the organization according to its charter.

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RKN blocked the websites of Zelensky’s project and the gastroclub “Food for Brain”

In addition to the platform for collecting donations in favor of Ukraine and the organization that conducted gastro tours to Europe, Roskomnadzor also restricted access to the websites of several Ukrainian and Belarusian media

Roskomnadzor blocked the website of the Ukrainian gastro-tourism agency “Food for Brain”, which organizes gastronomic tours to Europe, follows from the register of the department.

Earlier, when trying to open the site on its main page users from Russia and Belarus saw a warning condemning the military operation in Ukraine.

If you visit the site while in the territory of another state, you can see another ad— on the suspension of the activities of the gastroclub until the end of hostilities in Ukraine. “We no longer accept applications from residents of the Russian Federation to participate in our gastro tours,” — added by the organizers. After the start of the military operation, its creators publish anti-war posts on the social networks of the gastroclub.

RBC sent a request to Roskomnadzor.

The Russian department also blocked the websites of the United24 initiative, created by the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky to collect donations to the accounts of the national bank of the country, Grati publications; and “Ukrop”, the news site of Krivoy Rog “Own” and other Ukrainian media, as well as Moldovan Disinfo and Belarusian Ex-Press and Intex Press.

Access to sites is restricted on the basis of Art. 15.3 of the law on information, according to which, at the request of the Prosecutor General's Office, resources with calls for mass riots, extremist activities, or “participation in mass events held in violation of the established order”, with “unreliable publicly significant information distributed under the guise of reliable messages” can be blocked which creates a threat of harm to the life and (or) health of citizens, property, a threat of mass disruption of public order and (or) public safety, or a threat to interfere with the functioning or stop the functioning of life support facilities, transport or social infrastructure, credit organizations, energy facilities, industry or connections”, as well as informational materials of unwanted organizations.

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The reason for restricting access decision of the prosecutor's office of June 2, follows from the register of the regulator.

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Vladimir Zelensky

politician, President of Ukraine

January 25, 1978

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Serbia announces ban on Balkan countries to let Lavrov’s plane through

Montenegro, North Macedonia and Bulgaria closed their airspace for Lavrov. Serbia previously admitted that the Russian minister's visit could be affected by flight problems

Sergei Lavrov (left)

Montenegro, North Macedonia and Bulgaria closed the sky for the plane of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, which was due to arrive on a visit to Serbia, the local edition “Evening News” reports, citing sources.

The visit was scheduled for June 6-7. According to Evening News, due to this problem, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic will meet with Russian Ambassador Alexander Bocan-Kharchenko on the morning of June 6.

It was assumed that during his visit to Serbia, Lavrov would meet with Vucic, and also head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Nikola Selakovich, chairman of the National Assembly (the country's parliament) Ivica Dacic and Patriarch Porfiry of Serbia.

As Euroactiv writes, Vučić previously noted that the way Lavrov will arrive in Serbia — this is a “difficult question”. After the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz is to visit Serbia, and Vucic allowed him to refuse to come after Lavrov. “That would be a tragedy,” — said the Serbian leader.

RBC turned to the Russian Foreign Ministry for comment.


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Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic noted on the Pink TV channel that she considers the correct position of Belgrade to accept Lavrov, thereby giving him the opportunity to express his position on the current international situation, because now “no one in the world wants to talk to anyone.”

“So when you have a visitor at such a high level, <…> there is probably something that we need to hear in order to think, there is some space for dialogue, — said the minister.

At the same time, she noted that it is “extremely difficult” to organize the arrival of Lavrov, and therefore the Serbian president himself deals with this issue. She pointed out that the problems, in particular, are related to the flight of the minister.

Vučić said that Serbia does not allow either anti-Western or Russophobic behavior, and also behaves in accordance with the principles international public law. Serbia, in particular, did not join the sanctions against Russia.

The head of state also pointed out that his country, although aiming for EU membership, would not, under pressure and contrary to its own interests, change its attitude towards partners in the east. In addition, Belgrade is going to maintain a militarily neutral status, Vučić noted.

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Sergey Lavrov

diplomat, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia

March 21, 1950

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Austrian Chancellor urged to introduce an intermediate stage of Ukraine’s accession to the EU

According to Karl Nehammer, the issue of Ukraine's full membership in the EU is not relevant now, but Kyiv and the EU need to work on strengthening cooperation within the “preparatory zone”

Karl Nehammer

Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer has called for an intermediate stage in the process of granting Ukraine and Moldova membership in the European Union, reports the newspaper Kronen Zeitung.

“Ukraine is currently fighting for its political and territorial survival. All our efforts are primarily aimed at stopping [the special operation]. At such a stage, rapid full accession to the European Union cannot be a relevant issue in any case, — noted Nehammer.

According to the chancellor, the EU should create a “European preparatory zone” through which potential members of the union will strengthen cooperation with it and adapt to its standards. Nehammer pointed out that a similar path was taken by Austria, which, before becoming a full member of the EU in 1995, cooperated with the union in the framework of free trade agreements.

The chancellor said he supported French leader Emmanuel Macron's idea of ​​creating a “European political community”. The President of France pointed out in early May that “the process of [Ukraine's] accession to the EU may take many years and even several decades,” but the European Union “cannot be the only means of structuring the European continent,” and a “European political community” can be created. , which will include Ukraine.

Nehammer noted that not enough attention is now paid to “practical” issues that “ensure close links with the EU”. He pointed out that it is necessary to develop cooperation in the areas of trade, energy and climate policy, transport, science and education, food security, common foreign policy, security and defense policy. The chancellor admitted that cooperation with Ukraine could be similar to a partnership within the European Free Trade Association, which includes non-EU members Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Iceland and Norway.

Ukraine applied for EU membership on 28 February. On April 8, the head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, during a visit to Kyiv, handed over to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky a questionnaire, which is mandatory for granting the country candidate status for joining the European Union.

Read on RBC Pro Pro Music, dancing, tongue twisters: what will help improve brain function the market in new realities: what to expect from gasoline prices Articles Pro How to work less and increase productivity: 4 tips Articles Pro Does music really help you relax and focus? already handed over the completed questionnaire to the European Union, on May 16, the European Commission (EC) announced that it had received Ukraine's answers and was preparing its opinion on the application. The EC promised to expedite the process of considering it and granting Ukraine the status of a candidate, it was allowed to resolve this issue in the summer. Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration Olha Stefanishyna noted that Kyiv expects to receive the status of a candidate for the union in June.

Russia considers Ukraine's early entry into the EU unlikely. Thus, the representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, noted on this issue: “Promise”; doesn't mean getting married. In the outdated — get married».

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Greece announced the transfer of an “incredible amount” of weapons to Ukraine

Pronews: Greece has transferred an “incredible amount” of weapons to Ukraine, including BMPs and MANPADS Kyiv will receive from Athens more than a hundred BMP-1s, 60 Stinger systems and other weapons and equipment. In April, the Greek authorities announced that they would no longer transfer weapons to Ukraine so as not to act to the detriment of their own security


The Greek government has transferred or plans to transfer an “incredible amount” of weapons to Ukraine weapons, writes According to the portal, this is how Defense Minister Nikos Panagiotopoulos described the deliveries. Weapons from the army warehouses on the Greek islands will be used to transfer to Kyiv.

We are talking about the following types of weapons and ammunition:

  • 122 BMP-1s with ammunition;
  • 15,000 73mm shells;
  • 20,000 AK-47s;
  • 3.2 million caliber rounds 7.62 mm;
  • 60 FIM-92 Stinger MANPADS;
  • 17 thousand 150 mm artillery shells;
  • 1.1 thousand RPG anti-tank grenades -18.

According to Pronews, six Lockheed C-130 Greek transport aircraft, ten Canadian and five New Zealand transport aircraft were used to transport the listed weapons and equipment.

In April, Panagiotopoulos said that Athens no longer plans to send military equipment to Kyiv, as this would weaken the defense of Greece itself. By that time, the Greek authorities had already sent two S-130 aircraft with Kalashnikov assault rifles and portable launchers to Ukraine.

In May, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced that Berlin had concluded an agreement with Athens: they would transfer Soviet tanks to Kyiv, and the FRG will give them modern German cars in return.

Read on RBC Pro Pro Euphoria from biotechs disappears on the stock market. What awaits the industry Articles Pro Does eye gymnastics improve vision Articles Pro How to enter the UAE market – a case of financial services Cases Pro Back to school: what will happen to the online education market in Russia Articles Pro Serendipity: how to make a coincidence non-random Instructions Pro Four good practices to help cope with stress Instructions Pro Loans and deception in Bolt: how $11 billion fintech is collapsing Articles Pro Why the Central Bank lowered the rate and what will happen to the ruble and inflation Articles the latter in an attempt to prolong the conflict. In early June, the press secretary of the President of Russia, Dmitry Peskov, reiterated that the goals of the special operation would be achieved, despite the transfer of foreign weapons to Kyiv, which would cause “more suffering” to Ukraine.

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In Moldova, at the request of Belarus, a Ukrainian deputy was detained

In Minsk, Yevgeny Yakovenko is accused of corruption. The Belarusian authorities put the parliamentarian on the international wanted list and demand his extradition “In Moldova, at the request of Belarus, a Ukrainian MP was detained” />

Yevgeny Yakovenko

Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine MP Yevgeny Yakovenko was detained in Moldova, writes with reference to the head of the press service of the General Inspectorate of the Border Police, Raisa Nowicki. She promised to give details later.

According to the sources of the publication, the reason for the detention was the international search for the parliamentarian through Interpol at the request of the Belarusian authorities. The head of the Chisinau office of Interpol, Viorel Centiu, confirmed to Deschide that Yakovenko was indeed wanted. Minsk demands the arrest and extradition of the politician, accusing him of corruption.

Yakovenko became a People's Deputy of Ukraine in 2019. He was nominated to parliament from the Batkivshchyna party; Yulia Tymoshenko, but subsequently distanced himself from her and did not join the faction. According to Delovaya Stolitsa, the politician is a member of several groups for inter-parliamentary relations, including with Moldova.

Representatives of the Opposition Platform— For life» accused Yakovenko of bribing voters and falsifying the voting results.

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The military correspondent of Vesti reported the death of Major General Kutuzov in the Donbass

The Telegram channel “Military Informant” writes that Roman Kutuzov died in the area of ​​​​the settlement of Nikolaevka. Prior to this, the authorities reported the death of three Russian generals during a special operation

Roman Kutuzov

Major General Roman Kutuzov died in the Donbass, the Russian Vesti military commander said on the Telegram channel Alexander Sladkov. According to him, the commander “led people to attack.” Sladkov called Kutuzov “the fourth Russian general to die in action.” RBC turned to the Russian Ministry of Defense for comment.

According to the Telegram channel “Military Informant”, Kutuzov died in the course of a combat mission in the Nikolaevka area (Popasnyansky district). During his service, he was awarded the Orders of Kutuzov, Courage, “For Military Merit”, Honor and the medal “For Courage”, the channel writes.

On the website of the Ministry of Defense, Kutuzov was last mentioned in July 2020— in the status of chief of staff of the combined arms formation of the Eastern Military District.

Earlier it was reported that three Russian generals were killed during a special operation in Ukraine: Deputy Commander of the 41st Combined Arms Army of the Ground Forces, Major General Andrey Sukhovetsky , Deputy Commander of the 8th Army, Major General Vladimir Frolov and Major General of the Air Force, retired Kanamat Botashev. Local authorities reported their deaths.

The Russian Ministry of Defense officially disclosed the losses of the army during the hostilities in Ukraine only twice, the last time— in March (1351 dead, 3825 injured).

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Media: Russian sanctions brought down the production of microcircuits around the world

The Russian authorities have found a response to anti-Russian sanctions.

Until December 31, by decision of the Russian authorities, restrictions were imposed on the export of inert gases necessary for the production of chips.

In particular, such gases as neon, helium, krypton and others, which were supplied to Japan.

This information, according to “Bloknot”, was confirmed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.

Experts agreed that restrictions on the export of inert gases are Russia's response on the sanctions imposed against it.

This step by Moscow will eventually lead to an increase in the supply shortage of chips on the world market, since the production of the same gases was also suspended at Ukrainian plants in Mariupol and Odessa, where half of the world's volume was produced.

As a result, all over the world a new collapse associated with the production of microcircuits is brewing.

Commenting on the decision of the authorities, Deputy Minister Vasily Shpak said that such restrictions will enable Russia to rebuild broken chains and set up new ones.

He explained that Russia would now simply increase its production capacity, which would provide a “competitive advantage” to further build “mutually beneficial negotiations” with colleagues.

The same data was confirmed by economic analyst Denis Efremov, calling the decision of the Russian government a response to the imposed sanctions.

According to Efremov, such a step will force the West to negotiate with the Kremlin, since in otherwise “strategic industries” will collapse.

Also “Notepad” cited data on the share of deliveries of valuable metals from Russia and Ukraine to the United States.

Thus, more than 1/3 of the required volume of palladium in the United States is supplied by Russia, and about 90% of neon – Ukraine. Thus, the production of microcircuits in the USA turned out to be in doubt.

In total, Russia's supply of palladium to the world market is 25-30%, and platinum 8-10%.

Earlier, Topnews wrote, that the head of China, Xi Jinping, instructed to find a way to help the Russian Federation without violating sanctions.

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The best special projects. Internet Content Award Winners Announced

On June 2, the IRI announced the winners of the first National Internet Content Award. The solemn ceremony of presenting the first National Internet Content Award took place in the Moscow Music Media Dome.  

19 projects in the main categories became the winners of the National Internet Content Award. Also, awards were presented in 8 special nominations. The award was established by the Internet Development Institute (IRI) with the support of the Presidential Fund for Cultural Initiatives, the strategic partner was VK.  

Best Video Projects  

In the category “Debut of the Year” The victory was won by the Birchpunk channel with the Russian Cyber ​​Village project. The winner in the category “Proud!”  became the studio "KAMI GROUP ENTERTAINMENT" from the show “Startups of the Russian Empire”.  

First place in the category “Best video content up to 3 minutes” occupied the Line of Life Foundation from the video «Line of Life — it's you». The best in the field of “Enlightenment and Education” became  Russian Society "Knowledge" with the educational marathon “New Horizons”. In the nomination “Russia of cultural and social values” won with the film “100 Years of Yuri Nikulin”.  

“Best Podcast” became the cycle “Memories of the Future” from Here-Here Production. “Difficult teenagers-2” produced by PROSPECT PRODUCTION and  won the title of “Best Web Series”. Statuette as «Best Documentary» received “Baikal. The Amazing Adventures of Yuma from Red Square Studio, Central Partnership and Channel One film company.  

Stories of volunteers and young scientists  

In the nomination “We are together” won by Igor Matvienkowith the project «Live». "Stories of volunteers "Lisa Arlet" from TASS were ahead of everyone in the category “Making the World a Better Place”.  

«Best Blog» recognized “Vasya in the hay” Sergey Lukyanovand “Sprite Media”.  

In the nomination “Development and Opportunities”; won the multimedia special project “AiF” "Science: The Age of the Young".  

"Best Short Film" recognized “Artist” from the series “About people and about the war” Artel Film Production.  

The first in the nomination “Heroes of our time” was the online campaign “History of Doctors. Please breathe!”, initiated by MIA “Russia Today” in support of Russian doctors and volunteers.  

«Social Internet Trigger» became the action “#wewillROCyou”, the main ambassadors of which were Tinatin Kandelaki, Timati and Dmitry Bilan. In the nomination “International Success” won the movie «Silver Skates» produced by Central Partnership, GPM KIT, «Kinoslova» and Trite Studio.  

«Best Journalistic Project on the Internet» “Antonyms with Anton Krasovsky” were recognized.  

In the nomination “Preserving Historical Memory” the victory was won by the VK project “Faces of Victory”.  

«Best feature film» became “Dad” from Good Story Media, TNT, TNT4.  

Winners in special categories  

In addition, within the framework of the award, winners in 8 special nominations were announced. So, the award “Voice of a Generation” were awarded to the authors of the Dobro.University project, which is a course on the basics of volunteering. The VK special nomination was won by the KhakRak program of the Leukemia Fight Foundation. In the category “Internet beyond the age” “for the best travel blog that inspires all generations” the prize went to the travel blogBabushka Zhenya (Evgenia Semyonova).  

Blogger Yury Podolyakawas featured in the Just About Important category — ""for the rapid development of the blog and for delivering up-to-date analytics to a wide audience in an accessible language". In the nomination «I’ll be back» the journalist Vladimir Solovyov («Soloviev LIVE") was marked as "the best Internet journalist who was removed from YouTube for political reasons, but rebelled on other sites».  

In the special nomination “Strength in Truth” “for professional heroism dictated solely by personal choice” war correspondents Irina Kuksenkova, Alexander Kots, Evgeny Poddubny, Alexander Sladkov, Yuri Kotenok strong>, Andrey Rudenko, Maxim Fomin, Dmitry Steshin, Andrey Filatov and Semyon Pegov.< /strong>  

Prize in the First Person Category left the project Wargonzo Semyon Pegovas “the most readable Telegram channel from the scene in the first person”. Special nomination “The World Should Know” went to the authors of the Rutube show “Show Wheel” pranksters Vovan and Lexus, noted “for high-profile revelations in order to protect public values”.  

Recall, for the main nominations of the award projects (videos, podcasts, articles, projects in the media and the blogosphere, feature and documentary series, films) were accepted, the digital release of which took place from September 2020 to December 2021. Industry leaders could put forward projects: Russian media, content producers, video hosting companies, media holdings, blogging agencies – in total about 100 organizations. The total prize fund of the first National Internet Content Award is 18 million rubles.

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“The mother-in-law here is just a fascist.” Why are our women getting divorced in India?

A native of the Chelyabinsk region, Elena Bilyalova accepted an offer to become the wife of an Indian citizen 12 years ago.

“I was thirty, he was twenty-two.. .as I thought he loved me».

They settled on the outskirts of Mumbai, bought an apartment (mostly with Elena money), a daughter Alisha was born. The Russian wife did not get along right away with the mother of the betrothed. It annoyed the bride from Russia not Hindu,                  of their village «Our Mothers-in-Law — pure angels, — Elena laughs. — Here is the Indian mother-in-law — it's a monster. It looks like hazing in the army, where a young soldier is beaten, and then he himself, becoming a “grandfather”, beats others. The daughter-in-law of the Indians is obliged to unquestioningly comply with any orders of the mother-in-law. Even worse is the wife of the younger brother, who, according to Indian customs, is simply a real free slave — cleans  everyone, cooks».

The young couple were brought together at a ceremony in a Hindu temple. Elena with a shudder recalls — she had to swallow a drink that contained cow urine. After 8 years, the marriage broke up — Elena's husband began to drink, go for walks, and quit work, and and then raised his hand against                        s   she says. —  I never sent her any gift at all. His family too.

Mother-in-law. Frame of the Indian film

“Sneakily bought chicken and ate”

According to Svetlana Khorkovafrom Murmansk, who got married in 1995 in the city of Varanasi, after watching Indian films popular in the USSR, our girls imagined India as a fabulous exotic country where people in beautiful clothes sing and dance, in riding between dances  elephants.

«Well, everyone — Jimmy-Jimmy, acha-acha!   with laughing, Svetlana quotes a song from  the Bollywood hit „Disco Dancer“. — Then it turns out — here is a pipets, and not a fairy tale. You were rightly told, Indian mother-in-law — in general, a fascist, we from the first day of dogging. She gave birth to a girl — began to look like a wolf. Sons are valued here: therefore, the ultrasound procedure in order to find out the sex of the child was banned by law.  — husbands found out that a daughter would be born, and forced their wives to have an abortion. A dowry is necessary for a daughter, a wedding is also played on the money of the bride's parents: and the boy, as they say, will be the breadwinner, provide for the family. Well and of course, I d d not expect such a life. The whole family of the husband — vegetarians, at home only vegetables in spicy sauces: I smuggled fried chicken, scrambled eggs and ate from street vendors. Basically, it is not customary for women to work here, they sit at home. I went out to the office and in the evening I took care of the child, there were 6 sleep hours left. Felt like I was in a zoo — after all, it is prestigious to marry a European woman in India, our husband’s guests constantly came to us, asking permission to take a picture with me. Tired. I didn before thinking that             &nb; But, alas, this is true.

A frame from the Indian film

“Did you try to rake after the elephant?”

Perhaps the coolest “lucky” Oksana Boldyshevoth from Novosibirsk — she fell in love with an Indian student from the southern state of Kerala, and moved in with him in 1999: they played a magnificent wedding. It turned out that the beloved's family lives in a small village, not far from the beach. Coconut palms by the sea, pure romance. But Oksana was in for a surprise — it turned out that the family owns two elephants (!), which are rented out to tourists for riding.

“Do you” imagine what it's like to rake shit for at least one elephant? — Oxana rages.   And there there are two of them, and I the wife of my youngest son! In general, it barely lasted a year. True, I got used to the elephants, they loved me, they took food only from my hands. And actually, they turned out to be elephants, I their Katya and Masha called».

Among the main disadvantages for her, Boldysheva calls the heat. "I although from Siberia, we have strong sun in July, the skin burns. But it's just awful. During the day, like on a frying pan. In the evening I went out, walked for five minutes along the street and was already wet as a mouse. True, by the time of the divorce, I got used to the climate and did did leave I moved to Goa, I work as a tourist guide. Still, the eternal summer and the absence of harsh frosts is a wonderful thing.

Also, Oksana did not like the Indian fauna at all — she, by  her confession, made her 'squeal every night'. “Snakes, huge bugs, cat-sized cockroaches. Monkeys run around, they can grab a bag of food from your hands. And you can't break it — sacred animal. We hesitated.

Photo: AiF/Georgy Zotov

 I shooted for 820 rubles"

As Elena Bilyalova explains, there are usually no people who are indifferent to India. Either our women fall in love with this country in a minute, or they run away in a few months screaming — «more here foot!».

“I belong to the first type of girl, — she smiles. — I immediately liked everything here, and  I happy in the second marriage  — with a Muslim from Kashmir, he is wonderful me  child».

 and the rest  — as a rule, after a divorce from an Indian, a Russian girl rarely comes back, more often she stays in India.

«I had nowhere to go back — Svetlana Khorkova admits.   I sold my apartment in Murmansk, my parents were offended by my marriage to „black“, stopped talking to me. The daughter is dark-skinned, she doesn’t know the Russian language, she was afraid of — how she gets settled in school, they will tease. So I didn't go. Anyway, India is a good country. There are mangoes, bananas, papaya all year round for pennies, and very cheap. It is easy for a European to find a job, albeit not for a lot of money. There was a time, in Bollywood, I often starred in episodes of historical films, portrayed English ladies.  1  >

Almost all the ladies I interviewed noted that the Indians did not mind when, in the case of a divorce, the child remained with the mother: they did not try to kidnap him, as after marriages with the Egyptians.

Photo: AiF/Georgy Zotov

“I begged herrings to bring”

"This is if the daughter — considers a former resident of Rostov, Zinaida Kilskaya, who in 2011 married a student from Delhi — she met him at a party in her hometown. — In  I had a son, and   an Indian family is ready to fight for sons. My husband, his father and brother began to threaten me, they promised to run over me with a car. My mother-in-law said she wanted to poison me. It's real, in Indian films people are so nice, and you just cross the road — you will see what they turn into. I ran away with a child to Goa, hired a lawyer, filed a court. For some time I did not let my son out of the house, until I was sure that I was not being followed. I sent threatening letters to the police, they left me alone. To & nbsp; the question of what caused the divorce, Zinaida answers & nbsp; & mdash; "He began drinking. Can you imagine? I was funny. After all, Hindus do not have such a culture to constantly „sour“. And he said that he was addicted in Russia. Guard, how lucky I am — I could at at at home quietly jump out for drunk, but found myself an alcoholic seven thousand kilometers from Rostov. And the food didn satisfy me. One chicken, Lord! In curry, in kebabs, in kebabs. Where's the sausage? And crayfish, seeds? I constantly begged my acquaintances, who came to Delhi on business, to bring black crackers, lard and herring.

…There are no exact statistics. But according to various estimates, in India and after a divorce, and in happy marriage live from 30 000 to 70 000 citizens of Russia. Most of them married Indians, tens of thousands of who went to study at higher education institutions of the USSR. Now marriages with students are also not uncommon, but most often grooms are found on the beaches of the Goa resort, where our women come to relax. Of course, there are enough divorces and unsuccessful marriages in in Russia itself, and for the same reasons of course I don take care of elephants, but alcohol —      sure for sure. Therefore, in the near future, I will write an article about successful marriages between Russian girls and citizens of India. It may seem surprising to you, but they are more than enough.

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Pedal horse, rubber baby doll. What pleased the Soviet kids “Children’s World”

On June 6, 1957, an amazing store called “Children's World” opened in Moscow. Its construction was conceived as a gift to all the children of the Soviet Union. The author of the project was the famous architect Alexey Dushkin. According to his designs, a high-rise building was built on Red Gate Square (one of the seven Stalinist skyscrapers), railway station buildings in a number of cities, the Ploshchad Revolyutsii metro station, Mayakovskaya and "Kropotkinskaya".

Thanks to the  glass facades, aluminum structures, large-scale four-story arches and large areas, the Detsky Mir building became not only the largest children's store in the USSR, but and the first domestic world-class department store.

Different, but also for children

This building appeared on the site of the Lubyansky Passage, demolished in 1953. And the passage itself was built in the quarter between Teatralny Proyezd, Lubyanskaya Square, Pushechnaya and Rozhdestvenka — in the old trading place of Moscow. “Children's World” was built with partial use of the old foundation left over from Lubyansky Passage. The construction of a grandiose children's department store in the difficult post-war years was by no means accidental. They really tried to give the best to the children and in difficult times. But the most interesting thing is that the store with the name "Children's World" I've already been to Moscow, and it opened ten years earlier, in September 1947 . It occupied part of the building at the very beginning of Kirov Street (now Myasnitskaya), where the Biblio-Globus store is now located. At that time, that children's store was considered a branch of the Central Department Store.

“No frills!”

Old “Children's World” was very popular with  buyers, but the area of ​​the trading floor was too small. Especially for him decided to build a whole building. True, at first they planned to confine themselves to the reconstruction of the Lubyanka passage, but then they demolished the old passage and began to build a completely new building in its place. As a result, a seven-story building was erected with two underground floors and attic rooms with a total area of ​​more than 55 thousand sq. meters.

“Children's World” became the first commercial building in the USSR, where escalators were installed. Daylight entered the room through huge glazed arches. And in the evening, the magical light from these arched windows invited children and adults into the world of miracles and tales. Granite, ceramic blocks were used in the exterior of the building, and in the interior — marble, bronze, precious woods. In the center was a huge two-tiered hall. Its vault at the level of the fourth floor was made of reinforced glass and decorated with stained glass. The initial project included mosaic panels by Pavel Korin, but they had to be abandoned. It was at that time that Nikita Khrushchev began an uncompromising struggle against architectural “excesses”. When he examined the drawings, stated that the department store was “very wastefully designed.”

Children's World, 1961 Photo: RIA Novosti/N. Rakhmanov

In the summer of 1957, the World Festival of Youth and Students was to be held in Moscow. In order not to lose face in front of foreign guests, the authorities did not dare to radically get rid of all the “architectural excesses”. Yes and a gift to Soviet children would look poor without them. The desire to complete the construction of the building by the opening of the youth forum affected the quality. So, for example, it happened that mixed bricks were used, the slabs were laid incorrectly. But this became known after many years during the reconstruction.

The main place of the “Children's World” there was a pedestal of the central department of toys. First, there was a tower-clock with various little animals, then the good doctor Aibolit, surrounded by cute monkeys, who from time to time made dizzying jumps, took his place. It happened that children and adults froze for a long time before the fairy-tale action unfolding before their eyes, forgetting about purchases.

The railway for half wages

In "Children's World" it was everything that a child of that time could only dream of. For example, a toy railway made in the GDR. For this miracle, depending on the configuration, it was necessary to pay from 100 to 350 rubles. Moreover, the average salary in the country was then 750 rubles. After Khrushchev's monetary reform, this beautiful toy began to cost ten times less, but and the salaries of the parents after the denomination decreased by the same same.

Almost every male baby in the USSR wanted to have another toy that had been produced since the 1950s for three decades. It was called “Pedal Horse” (official name) and was a three-wheeled structure in the form of a racetrack with drawn by a horse. The toy cost about 30 rubles. This device moved with the help of pedals, but there was no steering wheel, you had to control it with a bridle. It was inconvenient, hence  the well-known expression "Pedal horse" appeared.

All kinds of toys-designers made of metal and plastic — from the simplest to complex. They cost much less, and differed from the number of parts and what of them could be assembled. Depending on this, their cost also fluctuated, but, as a rule, it did not exceed a few rubles.

Detsky Mir, 1979 Photo: RIA Novosti/Alexander Nevezhin

Saber on bra and scarce jeans

Little babies that could be bathed cost from 20 to 80 kopecks. For a plastic doll in a dress with rubber head parents had to pay at least 2 rubles, and for walking with closing eyes — three times more. Children's shoes cost on average from 2 to 6 rubles, a coat — about 25. For a domestic baby carriage it was necessary to pay 27 rubles, and for imported German — 50.

On the shelves of "Children's World" new items appear regularly. It was there that children's tights appeared for the first time in the country, replacing traditional stockings, which were held in place with a child's bra with elastic bands. And they were worn not only by little girls, but also by boys. And the most "cool peanuts" attached to these bras a toy saber. imported extremely scarce and not children's goods. With a happy coincidence, it was even possible to buy branded men's Italian jeans there for 60 rubles.

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“My love, my sunshine.” “Honeymoon” of Nicholas II lasted 23 years

150 years ago Empress Alexandra Feodorovna (Princess Alice of Hesse) was born — wife of Nicholas II, one of the few emperors in the world who married for love.

A second cousin and sister, the Tsarevich and Princess met when he was 16, she — 12 years. Nicky couldn't ignore the golden-haired girl with blue eyes. The        wrote in diary:   We love each other         I am very, very sad that dear Alix will leave me»…

They were not even allowed to chat

In 1889 they met again in Petersburg. Alix and Nicky talked a lot, danced. It seems that even then it was clear to them that they were made for each other. Didn't want to leave. The following lines appeared in the Tsarevich's diary: “I” dream of marrying Alix G someday. . All this time I did trust my feelings, didn believe that my cherished dream could come true».

Relatives (including including father Alexander III ) were categorically against this marriage. Moreover, Alix was not Orthodox.

For 10 years, the lovers fought for the right to be together. During this time they saw each other only twice. But with stubbornness they rejected the offers of  profitable parties”, which were made by their relatives. Young people were even forbidden to correspond — assisted by Alice's sister, Grand Duchess Elizaveta Feodorovna.

Only in 1894, when the health of Alexander III began to cause concern, he blessed Alix and Nicky for marriage.

The date 8 April 1894  in in Nikolai's diary is underlined three times . “Wonderful, unforgettable day in & nbsp; my life! The day of my engagement to  my dear, beloved Alix».

"She was crying all the time and and"whispered "No, I can can“ — later shared with Nika's mother. — I… kept insisting..and although this conversation lasted two hours, it did lead to nothing   neither she nor I did concede. I handed her your letter… They left us alone, and… from the first same she agreed! I wept like a child, and so did she… She brightened up, and  peace came to her face         the whole world changed for me at once… I don't know how to thank God for such a good deed…”

In autumn, the princess converted to Orthodoxy. And less than a week after the death of the emperor-father, Nicholas and Alexandra got married. Before the wedding, he sent her a note: “My precious Sunshine, I woke up with your sweet name on lips and prayed so deeply and fervently for your well-being, health and happiness. My little, my only, impossible to express in words how much I love you, & nbsp; & mdash; I am full of my love…God bless you, my Alix. Nicky».

The words turned out to be prophetic

The celebration was modest. The first month of the newly-married spouses passed in the atmosphere of memorial services and funeral visits. But bad feelings the newlyweds did not appear. They were happy. In  the diary of her husband, the queen wrote then: “There will be no more separations. Finally united, we are bound forever lifetime, and when this life is over, we meet again in the other world and stay together forever».

No one could have imagined how prophetic these words of Alexandra Fedorovna would turn out to be.

23 years of marriage flew by for the imperial couple like a real honeymoon. In infinite respect, trust, mutual understanding. And in great love, which not many crowned persons managed to know.

Nikolai and Alexandra almost never parted (with the exception of wartime). And the days apart were extremely hard to endure. When they had to part, Alix wrote that she was very bored and kissed Nika's pillow at night. On the anniversary of the engagement on April 8, they were always together, parting only during the war — in 1915.

          the first time in 21 we spend this day not together                   the empress wrote to her husband at the front.     I saved    the princess“dress“which which  was that morning  and I will put on your favorite brooch».

The diamond brooch had its own story. Nicky gave her to Alix on the day they first met, but how could a girl accept such an expensive gift from a second cousin? That time she returned Nicky's brooch. And after the wedding, he again presented it to his beloved. And Alexandra Fedorovna carefully kept the jewelry all her life.

Careful, touching and tender until the end of days were the relationship between Nicky and Alix. Correspondence of lovers, miraculously preserved in Yekaterinburg after the massacre of the family of Nicholas II, — vivid proof of their feelings. It is no coincidence that in Berlin the letters were published four years after the death of the emperor and his family. From July 1914 to December 1916 alone, 400 epistles — twice as many as in 20 previous years. There was a war, the spouses often had to be apart. Alexandra Fedorovna wrote to her husband every day: both detailed letters and short telegrams. She wrote in English, only sometimes inserting in Russian some names, words and phrases.

They did not live long, but died in one day

“My sun, my precious”, “my boy, my sunshine”, “my dear treasure, my dear”, “my most beloved of” beloveds, “my dear love”, & nbsp; & mdash; addressed Nicky Alix.

“My dearly beloved Sunshine, dear Wife”, “my beloved darling wifey”, “my dear, dear”, “my dear little Alix”, ” my Aliki, my beloved, dear wife, "my dear Alix, my own wife, my joy, my happiness, my whole life!", — echoed Niki.

Their earthly path was filled with love, tenderness and happiness. It seems that sometimes they didn't have enough words to express in words the feelings they felt for each other. Despite the  genetic illness of the heir Alexei, the ailments of the Empress herself, the wars and sufferings associated with them, and  stormy charitable activities, which Alexandra Fedorovna was engaged in. Loved, stronger than words can express. I don't know why you choose me. I not especially admire your choice, but  woe to you if you made another   — what was said at the beginning of the relationship with Niki Alexandra Fedorovna could and repeat at the sunset of her life.

Fate measured out half a century for Nicholas II, Alexandra Fedorovna — 46. ​​They did not live long. But died in one day. In order to be glorified in the face of saints many years later.

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Albanian parliament elects new president

Ilir Metu will be replaced as President of Albania by Bayram Begay, who previously served as Chief of the General Staff. Begay will take office on July 24 for a period of five years The Albanian Parliament has elected a new president” />

The People's Assembly of Albania (unicameral parliament) elected the former Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Republic, Bayram Begay, as President, Lajmi Fundit reports.

78 deputies voted for Begay's candidacy, “against”— four, one abstained. 74 votes out of 78 “for” were submitted by the ruling Socialist Party of Albania.

The press service of the current head of state reported that President Ilir Meta “follows the procedure for electing Mr. Bayram Begay as the new president of the republic.” and will respect the decision of Parliament.

Meta also congratulated on Twitter Begay on his election. The latter will take office on July 24, when the previous president's five-year term ends. Begay will also be in the presidency for five years.

In addition, the current President of Albania issued a decree on June 4 on the release of Begay from the post of Chief of the General Staff and his dismissal from active service in the Armed Forces. The decree took effect immediately.

Mehta has been in office since July 2017. From 1999 to 2002, he was Prime Minister of Albania, then he was Minister of Foreign Affairs twice: from 2002 to 2003 and from 2009 to 2010. From 2013 until his election as president, he was the speaker of the National Assembly.

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I have been running for 55 years. He graduated from the medical faculty of the largest university in Albania, the University of Tirana, after which he became a career officer. Begay has held a number of leadership positions in the Albanian Armed Forces related to medicine. In July 2020, he was appointed Chief of the General Staff.

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South Korea announces North Korean ballistic missile launch

The General Staff of South Korea reported that the DPRK launched a ballistic missile According to Seoul, North Korea launched a ballistic missile for the 18th time since the beginning of the year. The last time the DPRK conducted a launch was in mid-May, when Biden visited Japan, the Japanese government reported 72/756543910757721.jpg” alt=”South Korea reported the launch of a North Korean ballistic missile” />

North Korea has fired an unidentified ballistic missile towards the Sea of ​​Japan (East Sea), South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff said, Yonhap reports.

The military has not yet released details.

< p>North Korea has been actively conducting missile tests since the beginning of this year. In March, the country tested a new Hwasong-17 intercontinental ballistic missile. Later, the authorities called the tests of tactical guided weapons successful. South Korea identified it as an upgraded KN-23 missile modeled after the Russian Iskander system.

On May 4, North Korea fired a projectile that looked like a ballistic missile that fell into the sea was reported by the Joint Chiefs of Staff of South Korea. Three days later, the launch of what was believed to be a ballistic missile was reported by the Japanese government and the Committee of Staff of South Korea. As the latter noted, it could have been launched from the Sinpo submarine in the direction of the Sea of ​​Japan.

On May 12, North Korea launched ballistic missiles. which fell outside the exclusive economic zone of Japan, the Japanese Ministry of Defense pointed out.

North Korean missile launches also occurred after US President Joe Biden's visit to Japan and the May 22 Quad summit. South Korea reported the launch of three missiles and calculated that it was the 17th since the beginning of the year.a. According to Tokyo, two of the three rockets flew 300 and 750 km and fell in the eastern part of the Sea of ​​Japan outside the exclusive economic zone. Japanese Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi sent a protest to the DPRK and called the missile launches a provocation.

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In A Few Days South Korea And The United States fired missiles back. Seoul launched Henmu-2 ballistic missiles, and the US — one ATACMS projectile towards the Sea of ​​Japan. In this way, the Allies showed the possibilities of “immediate strike” by the allied forces.

In late May, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, Foreign Minister of the Republic of Korea Pak Chin and Japanese Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi condemned the latest North Korean missile launches. They agreed to strengthen trilateral cooperation in order to fully denuclearize the Korean Peninsula, and stressed their readiness to meet with representatives of North Korea.

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Welt learned that sanctions against Gazprom Germania will cost Germany €5 billion

According to Welt, this amount includes gas supplies at higher prices from new suppliers, after Russia imposed sanctions against former Gazprom subsidiaries. In addition to providing consumers, Berlin needs to fill storage

Russian sanctions against Gazprom Germania and subsidiaries under its control could cost German gas consumers an additional €5 billion a year, writes Welt am Sonntag, citing unnamed representatives industries.

The companies were “subsidiaries” of Russian “Gazprom”, however, the latter stopped participating in them on April 1. On May 11, Russia imposed sanctions against Gazprom Germania and a number of companies under its control. The next day, German Vice Chancellor, Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection Robert Habek announced that the former subsidiaries of Gazprom no longer receive gas. At the same time, he assured that the market will be able to compensate for the falling supplies.

Welt writes that the reorientation to other gas suppliers will create a strong burden on the federal budget, as gas will be purchased at higher prices. Since mid-May, a MWh of natural gas has cost Germany about €85 since mid-May, while the usual cost before the start of the Russian operation ranged from €20 to €30.

According to the authorities, the FRG, after the cessation of supplies to Gazprom Germania and its subsidiaries, an additional 10 million cubic meters of gas per day is needed, which will cost about €3.5 billion per year, the publication claims. The rest of the costs will be for filling the Rehden storage facility in Lower Saxony with gas. By October 1, it should be 80% full. According to Welt, filling can be very slow, so Berlin does not have time to wait for gas prices to drop, and the process should start now.

From October, a new surcharge will be established for gas consumers to compensate for increased costs , the newspaper clarifies.

The German Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection did not comment on possible additional spending on gas purchases, citing trade secrets.

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Referendum on changing the Constitution starts in Kazakhstan

Citizens of Kazakhstan are voting to remove the special privileges of the first President Nazarbayev and limit the powers of subsequent ones. What changes can be adopted and why they are needed – in the RBC material alt=”A referendum on amending the Constitution has started in Kazakhstan” />

What can change in the Constitution

Voting will take place from 7 to 22 hours local time (the difference with Moscow is +3 hours). The idea to hold a referendum was put forward by the country's President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev in April, he promised to carry out political changes after mass protests that took place throughout the country in January. At least 225 people are listed as dead. As Tokayev explained, the discontent of the population arises from the unfair structure of the state apparatus. In this regard, he proposed a program for the comprehensive modernization of the political system of Kazakhstan, in particular, the transition from a super-presidential form of government to a presidential republic with a strong parliament. The referendum on amending the Constitution is being held in the country for the second time (the first was held in 1995), all subsequent changes were adopted by the parliament. In total, 33 amendments have been submitted to the current referendum, affecting a third of the Basic Law.

  • One of the key amendments is the exclusion from the Constitution of the article dedicated to the first president of the republic, Nursultan Nazarbayev. If the amendments are adopted, he will lose most of his personal privileges and the status of Elbasy (leader of the nation). In the future, the legal status will be governed by the existing rule on ex-presidents. According to the speaker of the Mazhilis Yerlan Koshanov, this norm gives the right to the protection of honor and dignity, the provision of pensions, transport, and security. Nazarbayev himself spoke out in support of removing his mention from the Constitution, agreeing with the successor's line: “You can rest assured that I will support this time as well.” The former president does not consider the Constitution a “frozen legal construct”, in his opinion, it should reflect the changes taking place in society.
  • The changes also imply a redistribution of powers from the president to parliament: the presidential quota in the Senate will be reduced to ten deputies, and the Senate itself will agree on candidates submitted by the president for the posts of chairmen of the Constitutional Council and the Supreme Judicial Council.
  • The order of parliamentary elections will also change— a mixed system will be introduced, 30% of the deputies will be elected by the majority system, the rest— by proportional. “I propose to move to a more harmonious mixed electoral system that will fully take into account the rights of all citizens. The proportional-majority model will better reflect the interests of voters both at the national and regional levels,” Tokayev commented on the transformation.
  • With the approval of the amendments, new restrictions will be introduced for the president: one person will no longer be able to be elected to the post more than twice in a row, he will be required to leave the party while he is in charge of the country, and his relatives will not be able to hold leadership positions in state and quasi-state structures. Accordingly, the amendment made to the Constitution under Nazarbayev in 2007, according to which the first president of the republic could hold office an unlimited number of times, ceases to be valid.
  • In the judiciary, it is planned to create a Constitutional Court, where citizens will be able to apply; to establish an independent status of the commissioner for human rights and to ban the death penalty. On December 30, 2021, the decision to ban the death penalty was signed by Tokayev, now they want to fix it at the constitutional level, since 2004 there has been a moratorium on the death penalty.

Why change is needed

Tokayev expects that the dynamics and content of the political process itself will change after the referendum. “For sure, new parties will appear in the country, and the existing ones will begin to review and restructure their activities in accordance with current trends and the requirements of citizens. We see that, on the whole, the party field is beginning to move,” & mdash; he said in April.

“The referendum should put an end to it and become a new chapter in the social contract between the government and society in Kazakhstan”, — considers Daria Chizhova, director of the Information and Analytical Center for the Study of Socio-Political Processes in the Post-Soviet Space, expert of the Valdai Club. The government needs to show that it hears the people, so it is important that the amendments are not just adopted, but that this is done by the majority of the country, that is, the turnout in the referendum should be high. According to the expert, voting on amendments combines two functions: directly changing the legislation and confirming public support for Tokayev. The referendum will be declared valid, and the amendments — adopted if more than half of the citizens who took part in the voting vote for them in at least two-thirds of the regions, cities of republican significance and in the capital. 11.5 million people were included in the electoral lists.

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Actual for the development of Kazakhstan, according to Chizhova, are two areas: socio-economic development and building a “new” state, as Tokayev and his team call it. “Tokayev will need to carry out a large number of economic reforms. This is especially important for the development of the regions: as the January events showed, the regions are much more sensitive to the deterioration of the socio-economic situation, so they often become the locomotive of protest moods, — she explains. Further liberalization can be expected in the political system, the expert believes. The political activity of the electorate will be affected by the lowering of the threshold for party registration, as a result of which several associations have already come forward with the intention of creating political parties and are undergoing the registration process.

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The head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Germany announced the threat of wiretapping of officials by Russia

The Federal Office for the Protection of the German Constitution draws the attention of politicians and civil servants to the risk of eavesdropping by the Russian special services, said the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Nancy Feser, Bild reports.

Such risks, according to the agency, exist in key areas, for example, in the government quarter. They pointed out that “the risk of eavesdropping and the risk of unauthorized data leakage are real and should not be underestimated.”

Feather said that Russia is waging a “hybrid war” and therefore Berlin is forced to act in order to defend itself. “That is why we expelled 40 people from the Russian embassy in Berlin whom we suspected of collaborating with the Russian special services,” — she explained.

The material is being supplemented.

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Fedor Konyukhov will fly 500 kilometers on a paraglider without landing

Russian traveler Fyodor Konyukhov intends to carry out a non-stop flight on a motorized paraglider, the range of which will be 500 kilometers. TASS writes about this, referring to the press service of the government of the Arkhangelsk region.

Konyukhov and pilot Igor Potapkin plan to make a multi-stage flight of up to 3,000 kilometers from the White to the Black Sea. During the first stage of the expedition, they want to fly 500 kilometers without landing in order to break the current world record of 427 kilometers.

The start is scheduled for June 5 from the village of Perkhachevo, Primorsky district, Arkhangelsk region. Konyukhov and Potapkin will fly on a two-seat paraglider capable of speeds up to 50 kilometers per hour. Depending on the wind, the flight will take place at altitudes from 10 meters to 2 kilometers.

Meanwhile, Russia has proposed creating a new service for tourists in the format of individual escort – «friend for a day».

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Russian woman detained in Uzbekistan due to drone returns home

Russian citizen Polina Ermakova, detained in Uzbekistan because of a drone, has returned to her homeland. Human rights activist Maria Butina spoke about this on her Telegram channel.

As Butina recalled, a Russian traveler was detained in Uzbekistan after a drone was found in her possession. According to her, the girl’s aircraft was found at the station while passing a metal detector when she was about to go from Tashkent to Bukhara.

It is noteworthy that two days before the incident, a Russian woman crossed the border of Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan with this drone , there were no claims against it from the Uzbek side then. Polina Ermakova turned to the Russian embassy for help, as she was threatened with a real prison sentence in Uzbekistan. 

The human rights activist drew attention to the fact that the girl was provided with free legal advice, the Committee on CIS Affairs of the State Duma of the Russian Federation joined in resolving the issue , Russian Foreign Ministry. After a note was sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan, the criminal case was dropped. 

Recall that Ermakova was detained on May 17 in Uzbekistan for importing a drone into the country. He was discovered by police officers who examined the traveler's belongings when boarding a train in Bukhara. Under Uzbek law, UAVs are subject to mandatory registration upon entry into the country. For violation of these rules, the detained travel blogger was threatened with up to three years in prison. 

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The Ministry of Education reported that by 2024 a theater will appear in every school

All Russian schools will have their own theaters by 2024. This is reported by TASS with reference to the head of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation Sergey Kravtsov.

According to him, 12,000 school theaters are currently operating in 100,000 schools. At the same time, 7,000 of them take part in the School Classics project, Kravtsov explained.

this project is important,” he said.

As the minister noted, every year more and more students want to create school theaters. Kravtsov specified that by 2024 each school will have its own sports club and sports section.

“Today, 27,000 sports clubs have been established across the country,” the head of the department specified.

Earlier, Rostourism announced that a program of free travel for schoolchildren within the country had started in the Russian Federation. According to the agency, about 100 thousand students in grades 5-9 will go on a trip with a social certificate.

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China’s Shenzhou-14 spacecraft launched

The launch of the Chinese manned spacecraft “Shenzhou-14” took place on Sunday, June 5, from the Jiuquan cosmodrome in Gansu province in northwest China, RIA Novosti reports.

The Long March-2F launch vehicle launched as scheduled at 10:44 local time (5:44 Moscow time).

The spacecraft will deliver a crew of three to China's Tiangong Orbital Station.

The crew included three cosmonauts: Chen Dong, Cai Xuzhe, and the first female cosmonaut of China, Liu Yang.

Earlier, the head of Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, announced that the Russian authorities had already decided when the participation of the Russian side in ISS project.

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Sofya Sapega’s mother commented on her daughter’s condition in a Belarusian prison

The mother of Sofya Sapega, sentenced to six years in Belarus, Anna Dudich, told AiF about her daughter's condition in prison.

According to her, she and her daughter often corresponded before, until October there was a telephone connection. After that, communication ceased.

Until May 31, Sofia was in Grodno prison, there was another meeting after the verdict was passed, Anna Dudich added. At present, the family does not know where their daughter is.

“As far as we understand, she is no longer in the Grodno prison. They must have sent her to the stage. We don’t know where she is now,” the mother of the convict concluded.

Recall that Russian citizen Sofya Sapega was detained along with Belarusian opposition blogger Roman Protasevich a year ago after an emergency landing of a Ryanair plane at the airport Minsk. The girl was accused of disclosing the personal data of the Belarusian security forces.

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Ecologists reported that from July 28, humanity will begin to live “in debt” from the Earth

Humanity chooses resources renewable by nature in a year, in 208 days, calculated in WWF Russia. This year we will start to live “in debt” July 28. 

After this date, all minerals and resources used by earthlings will no longer be restored. In fact, we will take them away from future generations. Last year, such a “point of no return” was a day later: July 29.

Every day, humanity cuts down 27 thousand hectares of forest, emits 90.4 million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, sends up to 5.5 million tons of garbage to a landfill, environmentalists list. The planet is not able to cope with such an ecological footprint.

To reduce their own participation in the looting of the Earth, environmentalists suggest that people start changing their behavioral habits. You can start with the simplest: save water, electricity, do not buy too much, give preference to products with eco-labels — it is put on products that researchers have recognized as the safest for the environment, to behave responsibly in nature. Thus, it will be possible to reduce the harm to nature and push the day of environmental debt to later dates.

Earlier, the authorities of Paris announced that by 2027 they intend to increase the share of vegetarian food in the catering system to 40% by 2027. This will reduce the carbon footprint, as well as solve a number of other problems.

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“Year of a hellish life”. Sofya Sapega’s mother – about the possible return of her daughter to the Russian Federation

The President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko admitted that the Russian woman Sofya Sapega, who was sentenced in the republic to six years in prison, may be transferred to Russia .

“It's a pity for the girl. This issue needs to be resolved,” Lukashenka said after the opening of a new building for a children's clinic in Minsk

Earlier, the position of the Belarusian authorities regarding the future of Sapieha was extremely tough. Recall that the court sentenced her to six years in prison after being accused of disclosing personal data of the Belarusian security forces. Sophia was detained together with Belarusian opposition blogger Roman Protasevich a year ago after an emergency landing of a Ryanair plane at Minsk airport.

Unexpected “thaw” in relation to the prisoner, even Sophia's mother, Anna Dudich, was surprised.

– I was very excited to read this news. Yes, it really is a ray of hope. Since we are now quite discouraged. She needs to be released. This past year, a year of hell for her and for us, has truly been a lesson in life. God willing, we will be heard! But it's too early to rejoice. Now a lot depends on the Russian Federation. I hope. So far no one has contacted us.

– Did you manage to communicate with your daughter all this time?

– We used to have correspondence with her. We supported each other as much as we could. Until October, we had a telephone connection. After that – no letters, no calls, nothing. Until May 31, she was in Grodno prison. It was very difficult for her there. There was one meeting scheduled after the verdict was passed. We met. Of course, our child was in a terrible state.

– What was the reason for this condition? With the severity of the sentence or were there problems with the conditions of detention in the Belarusian colony?

– First of all, the fact is that she grew up in good conditions, she was a home child. I think it's clear what the difference is between home and prison. Her condition is connected with the perception of the conditions in which she found herself. And yes, the sentence is harsh!

– Where is she now?

– As far as we understand, she is no longer in Grodno prison. They must have sent her to the stage. Where she is now, we do not know.

– Could Sophia benefit from the fact that Roman Protasevich confessed to everything and began to cooperate with the investigation? Or was his interview rather harmful?

– Roman has nothing to do with it, I'm sure of that. With him, our paths diverged. He has his own history. He didn't behave well. I cannot say what the warming of the Belarusian authorities is connected with. For me, this is also a question. If a miracle happens and Sophia is free, it will be a gift of fate. I will never forget him.

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