Lil Yachty – Royal Rumble Lyrics

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[Intro: Lil Yachty]
(Who the hell is Carlo?)
Fuck all these bitch ass outsiders, you know
Fuck ’em
Look, look, look

[Verse 1: Lil Yachty]
Lou pulled up on me, so we poured up a Kobe Bryant
Stacked up all my empty Wock’ pints, it’s taller than a giant
Almost didn’t graduate school, I was so defiant
Bored as hell, I think me and my bitch finna hit Miama
Damn, dawg I meant Miami
I’m tongue-twisting, keep my gun lifted, just to be specific
10 milli bullets, ain’t no running from a nigga slug
Cleaning sessions with my gun on me, talkin’ ’bout [?] judge
Fucked a bitch I saw her on TV, but it’s not “The Grudge”
Nigga so tough in them schemes, but I’m ’bout to bust
Glock ain’t got no sound, [?], call this bitch a sound [?], ’cause when I shoot this bitch at this nigga, bet the nigga hush
Bro’ll pull up in that ‘Ghini, yeah, same color as a Zucchini
Smokin’ a nigga like Hickory, pull a FN, [?]

[Verse 2: KrispyLife Kidd]
Done wearing the big B’s, I pulled the J’s out
Snatch a bitch wig off, like, pull your fade out
Retired from the K, I, run fades now
And raw-dogged your baby mama, what you gon’ say now?
From Flint, if the water’ll make it bad, I can get ugly
12:00 my trap rush hour, ask for Chris Tucker
Shot dawg, tryna take a shot, I’m a fifth bust it
You don’t never get props, you a dick sucker
How the fuck you gon’ keep sliding and not hit nothing?
If a nigga in the radius, I’ma flip somethin’
My bitch got a Onlyfans, I get a 10th of it
I’m a pimp, I fucked her, and like 6 cousins

[Verse 3: RMC Mike]
Drinking lean for 10 years to cause all my big stomach
Pop you with a gun inside a gun, it got a kit on it
That bitch was all go, with a sandpaper grip on it
Girly say she knew I can fuck, from the hip motions
60 racks for my new kit, look like I’m moving out
Don’t drive fast coming down my block, I might shoot it up
Put a whole gram on the table, watch Unc [?] it up
They say I been acting real stiff, it’s time to loosen up
Niggas out here drinking cut lean, tryna act high
Nigga you be coming off the bench, I’m the franchise
Fell in love with a blazing bitch, she got cat eyes
Me, Yachty, Ray, Kidd, and Rio, the fab 5

[Verse 4: Babyface Ray]
All my niggas in the street, don’t know no rap guys
Holy water from my jeweler, I got baptized
F’s on my hip, I got F’s on my hat now
Fear of God, demons on the Chally, send a Scat down
My son got a bankroll bigger than niggas
Nigga playing crazy, put his ass in the Blender
Blend game crazy, taking half to a chicken
We are not the same, it’s Dior on my Dickies
Codeine Cowboy
Ask around, lot of noise
Draco in the whip, ride with me, I’m a Choppa Boy
Purple in my cup, jewels dancing, bitch, I’m BlocBoy
Nigga reach for my shit, get popped for it

[Verse 5: Rio Da Yung OG]
I ain’t with Tez, but I ain’t throwing hands, I’m a GlockBoy
The first thing I ever bought my son was a Glock toy
Bro riding in a rental with 3 cash, he a hot boy
Michael Jordan, Glock .23 with 22, the other Glock Curry
Skrrt, that’s how the ‘cat sound
Mike got the Glock in the club, but they ain’t pat him down
I’m with the Drank God, he can possibly pull some Act out
I’m on the South side, with the apostrophe in the crock house
$1,800 bag, pull the Glock out it
You say you a real drinker, pull some snot out
2 K’s laying on the couch, I put the Glock out
Bitch bent over tryna tie her shoes, pulled my cock out
Used to have the standard clip, I got a mop now
Shit, gang, what we pouring? I got a pop now
Nigga put the gun down, you getting get knocked out
Seen the opps at the store, hopped out a droptop with chop out
My big homie got a couple keys, we can’t get locked out

[Verse 6: DC2Trill]
Everybody know you really a bitch, put that Glock down
Nigga came as a shooter, but he got shot down
Ever since the cash came legit, I’m buying opps now
Nigga shook his drank up, it made the pop sound
The lean plug finna retire, I need a doc now
Hop up out the car and bang bang, like he Pops now
.35 in the gram a leaf, this ain’t no cigar
Pull up in my hood fresh as hell, like a trap star
All a nigga do is talk, fairytale cap star
Nigga can’t tell you shit about no drank, I done drunk [?]

[Verse 7: Icewear Vezzo]
Yeah, [?] nigga with the pints, I cut raw
Untrustworthy, I can get a plug ’cause I run off
.30 hanging out the Glock, I up [?]
29, shot one out the head, this bitch wasn’t off
Got [?], I can’t find my hand
Shady nigga, pop a Xan, I’ll rob my friend
60,000 every play, every time I land
Choppa big, hanging down my leg, it can hide my pants
Yeah, [?]
I’ll take a nigga chain at his own party
Real hitta, fuck a shooter, I got a whole army
Nigga soft, never caught a body, you just told stories
I woke up and cash a Wraith, I ain’t tell nobody
I heard niggas took your shit, you ain’t tell nobody
If this rap shit fail, I’ll sell more Wock’
You lame niggas [?] like a hoe, you better kill somebody

Allyptic – One Last Kiss Lyrics

One Last Kiss
















French Montana Cash In After Betting $250K On Tom Brady Winning Super Bowl

French Montana placed a huge bet on Tom Brady winning another Super Bowl and now he’s smiling to the bank.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers weren’t the only ones to emerge victorious last night, February 7, after they brutally defeat the Kansas City Chiefs 31-9 in the Super Bowl LV. French Montana also secured a major victory after he revealed that he bet on Tom Brady to bring home the trophy. He bet a whopping $250,000 on what he described as a safe bet.

With the amount of money that Montana has brought in over the years, this seems relatively small but to place such a bet is always a risk. He’s joined the ranks of many other rappers who have become enamored with the adrenaline rush of sports betting. Brady’s seventh ring became a great financial opportunity for Montana.

French Montana opined that Brady was forever a safe bet, “I just put up two hundred and fifty thousand on my dawg Brady,” he said, in a clip shared on his IG feed. He added, “We ain’t playing — bring it home, baby!”

He didn’t reveal what the odds were, but it can be assumed that he made much more than he originally placed. This time following his instincts seems to have literally paid off, even though many critics questioned if Brady had what it took to pull off another Super Bowl win. Before the match started, he was spotted with longtime friend Rick Ross at a nightclub in Tampa. It seems Montana was feeling lucky and started his celebrations early. In the footage that he shared, French and Ross hit the stage in front of a large crowd. As they say, fortune favors the bold, and in this case, that has worked out for Montana.

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Skatta Burrell Says Dancehall Producers To Be Blamed For Violent Songs Not Artists

Dancehall producer and former resident judge on the now-defunct Magnum King & Queen of Dancehall competition Skatta Burrell has firmly placed the blame of the country’s musical woes in the hands of the genre’s producers.

The audio engineer, musician, songwriter, marketing strategist, and music producer has never been one to shy away from topics centered around the country’s music. With over 20 years of experience in producing for a number of the genres biggest names, Burrell has clearly earned the right to give his take on a matter The Prime Minister of Jamaica has also recently turned his attention to.

While speaking at the Jamaica Stock Exchange Regional Investments and Capital Markets Conference opening, Holness expressed that “we by what we are producing are devaluing culture.”

Skatta has echoed similar points in numerous interviews over the years. The producer is finally re-entering the producing spectrum after taking a number of years off to focus on different ventures at Downsound Records. Over the years, the hit producer has given dancehall fans timeless releases such as the Coolie Dance, Martial Arts, Chiney Gal, Double Jeopardy, and Bad Company Riddims. He’s now marking his return not with another ‘juggling’ project, but a new single from budding entertainer Fully Bad.

The new single titled “We Nah Smile Again” has been getting a lot of love and support for its positive and uplifting lyrics, which is a stark comparison to the majority of singles which have been released in recent years. This led Skatta Burrell to conclude that artistes should not be blamed for the release of vulgar or violent lyrics since it is a producer’s duty to instruct an artiste on what content he needs to be layered over his production.

He used the behind the scenes process of his new release to connotate just what the perfect producer/artiste relationship should entail. He explained that he told Fully Bad exactly what he expected of him, yet was still amazed him when the young artiste provided the conscious lyrics that currently make up “We Nah Smile Again.”

“Mi shout him couple days ago and di man forward. When di man forward wid dah song deh, mi couldn’t believe and mi seh: ‘Weh yuh fine dem words deh from yute?’ An di man seh ‘Skatta, mi guh study’ and mi seh why yuh did haffi study?’ and di man seh becaw nobaddy neva yet sit mi dung and tell mi seh ‘yow, dis a weh mi waan from yuh.’ An mi realize seh yuh tell mi seh ‘yow, dis a weh mi waan from yuh. It mek mi feel like seh mi fi challenge myself fi guh research,” Skatta said.

“A good producer knows what he wants and know how fi impart dat information to a artiste. Some man gi artiste riddim an jus seh ‘duh weh yuh feel. A good producer seh: ‘hear wha now, yuh si dah beat yah, it a talk to I dah way yah and yuh si through mi a di producer, mi waan yuh use your creativity fi spell out or sen out dis type a message’,” Skatta said while promoting the new DSR release via an Instagram LIVE session.

He added, “and dats what producers do and that is what is the problem with the music nowadays. No one is actually producing music; dem just a gi artiste riddim and artist deejay anyting dem want and sen come gi dem and dem mix it off and seh dem a producer.”

He called for caution when pressuring some of the young entertainers who currently boasts a strong catalog of violent gun songs. He further highlighted that for most entertainers, it’s a matter of releasing what they believe their listeners want to hear, as well as staying with whatever is considered the trendy topic.

“oonu nuh fi too pressure di yute dem weh a duh dem song nowadays and a duh bout bullet inna face an rifle dis an ray tay. Oonu don’t pressure dem. Because dem hav di ability fi duh odda music,” he outlined.

“But when somebody now, who is of influence forward an seh ‘yo, dis a weh mi want from yuh, an a dis mi a support from yuh, a man wi teck di time off. But di producer dem nah reach out to di artiste dem an seh: ‘mi want a reality song’. Which producer a guh sen a riddim to anyone a di 6IX dem now, seh mi ‘want a reality song’? Which producer a go sen a riddim to Skillibeng now an seh: ‘mi want a song, a conscious song?’ None,” he argued.

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A post shared by Cordel Skatta Burrell (@skattaburrell)

A few weeks ago, veteran dancehall deejay Hawkeye opened up about how Skatta aided in crafting his musical reply to Beenie Man’s “Reasoning,” which was a track on which Beenie copied Hawkeye’s talking style. Both tracks were recorded on Skatta’s Double Jeopardy Riddim.

During his recent LIVE, Skatta Burrell mentioned, “So if a producer naw look inna himself and seh make mi help create a balance, yuh is not a producer; yuh is somebody a weh a rape di music and rape di culture. Becaw a producer is supposed to direct di artiste on what to deejay.”

All About Eve – Road To Damascus Lyrics

"In a brief statement issued to reporters in Kennebunkport, Maine,
where Mr. Bush is on holidays, the White House spokesman said
the president was pleased by the release of John McCarthy, but
wanted all hostages freed immediately, safely and unconditionally."
"British journalist John McCarthy will be back in Britain tonight,

following his release by kidnappers in Lebanon. He is on a plane
which left the Syrian capital Damascus just over two hours ago,
bound for RAF Lyneham in Wiltshire. John McCarthy is released."

Lil Baby Caught Rylo In Deep Sleep While Standing Up

Lil Baby caught 4PF rapper Rylo Rodriguez slipping.

Few have mastered the art of sleeping while standing up, and though it is no easy feat, Lil Baby managed to capture it for all of Instagram to see. Baby, who has been hanging out with Rylo Rodriguez lately, shared a video of the rapper conked out while standing upright in the kitchen.

Lil Baby posted the video on his Instagram Story on Monday (Feb. 8), bringing a welcomed laugh to millions of timelines. Across the frame of the clip exposing Rylo’s hidden talent, he tagged “@rylorodriguez” with a series of covered face emojis. Rylo appeared to be in a deep sleep in the short video, but it’s obvious that it came on suddenly. The rapper was still holding his smartphone, which was still lit as he stood frozen in one place with his eyes closed like the mannequin challenge.

The funny clip of Rylo Rodriguez dozing off vertically has gone viral since being documented on Lil Baby’s Instagram Story. Based on Rylo’s Instagram Story, it must have been some night because a number of his friends were also seen passed out all over the house. The 4PF clan apparently got together to celebrate Super Bowl LV, and they clearly had a great time.

These days anything Lil Baby does court media attention, and with the rapper coming off the heels of such a successful 2020 despite all odds, the anticipation is great for another stupendous year from the rapper. So far, Baby has teased upcoming tracks with the likes of Drake, which has fans excited about what he has in store for 2021. In the meantime, the Atlanta rapper and the rest of his 4PF outfit are having fun and enjoying life.

Do you think Rylo Rodriguez could spark a new challenge sleeping while standing up?

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YFN Lucci Released From Jail On Bond Pending Trial For Murder Charges

YFN Lucci is a free man on bond.

The Atlanta rapper was released from jail after posting bail on Monday. Video footage of Lucci surfaced online, showing him moments after getting out of jail. He paused for a brief moment to talk with some of his supporters while also showing off his ankle bracelet. Sources say he will have to remain on house arrest pending his trial for murder in a Fulton court.

YFN Lucci, born Rayshawn Bennett, turned himself into police last month after a warrant was issued for his arrest in connection to a December killing of a man in Atlanta believed to be a gang member. Law enforcement says that Bennett was the getaway driver in a shooting incident involving the victim, 28-year-old James Adams, who was shot and killed on December 10th at approximately 5:10 PM in the 900 block of Peeples Street. Atlanta police spokesman Sgt. John Chafee confirmed that a second gunshot victim, 32-year-old Kevin Wright, later popped up at a Fire Station suffering from gunshot wounds. He was rushed to a nearby hospital, where he underwent treatment for his injuries and survived.

YFN Lucci was previously denied bond when he appeared in court in January, but today, his attorney managed to convinced the judge that he is not a flight risk.

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Police say that YFN Lucci and his associates drove through a territory of a rival gang on December 10 when a shootout ensued. One witness told police that she saw a SUV speeding down the streets before stopping to dump the victim on the side of the road.

Two other suspects, 17-year-old Leroy Pitts and 23-year-old Ra’von Boyd, were arrested in Miami before Atlanta PD took Lucci into custody and charged him for murder.

Just In: Atlanta police are looking for 29-year-old Rayshawn Bennett aka YFN Lucci . They say he’s wanted on multiple charges for his role in the shooting death of 28-year-old James Adams @cbs46

— Jasmina Alston (@JasminaAlstonTV) January 12, 2021

Are Cardi B and Saweetie Beefing? Fans Theorize A Brewing Feud

Fans are theorizing that there is a brewing beef between Cardi B and Saweetie.

It may not be long before the Migos link up and make a forceful return to the limelight. While many fans are hoping for this, there may be some drama in the camp, or it could be that fans are digging for some sort of news. Rumors have begun to circulate that there might be some issues between the two leading ladies of Quavo and Offset. Even though Cardi B and Saweetie have been spotted together in the past and seem to enjoy each other’s company when they are out, fans are not convinced. There is a strong belief that there’s an underlying beef between them.

Fans highlighted their conspiracy theories once again after the recently concluded Super Bowl, in which Cardi, Offset, and Quavo were seen taking it in live from a luxury box in Tampa Bay, while Saweetie took it in on television. It’s been pointed out that she was also in Tampa for her Saweetie Bowl but did not make an appearance.

As fans zeroed in on the issue, one said, “Where’s my baby, Saweetie? It’s like I can never catch my 2 girls in the same frame,”. Many others chimed in, noting that there weren’t a lot of public posts of all four of them together. The guesses just kept adding fuel to the fire. Other’s are using Cardi’s new song “Up” to illustrate their point. They referred to the line where Cardi uses one of Saweetie’s catchphrases, “I know that’s right.” One fan questioned, “Im wondering how saweetie feels about cardi using ha catchphrase.”

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Unconfirmed reports have offered that Saweetie was banned from Cardi and Offset’s luxury box. If that’s true, she missed out on the chance to also hang out with Lil Baby, Meek Mill, and many more well-known celebrities. Of course, it’s all still just rumors, though. Until one of the people involved speaks about it, fans will just have to keep guessing.

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Where’s my baby, Saweetie? It’s like I can never catch my 2 girls in the same frame?

— TiffaniLopez (@Taeffani041001) February 8, 2021

I wonder how Saweetie feels about Cardi saying I know that's right! in her new song. I was like ???

— gaza grinch. (@_DAZEofourlives) February 8, 2021

I find it interesting that cardi n Saweetie are never in the same space. Hmmm.

— ?????? (@OnikasdracoX) February 8, 2021

I really want to know what’s the beef between Saweetie and Cardi they keep it so classy lol

— ? Jade Love ? (@JadeLove21__) February 8, 2021

Im wondering how saweetie feels about cardi using ha catchphrase

— ????? (@MINAJSHAWNN) February 8, 2021

Ari Fletcher And Moneybagg Yo Hints At Pregnancy Before Boarding Private Jet

Ari Fletcher and Moneybagg Yo have dropped some hints that they’re expecting their first child together.

Ari Fletcher and Moneybagg Yo sent tongues wagging on Monday as it appears that the couple is expecting. Fletcher appeared in photos as if she had what looks like a pregnant stomach as the two boarded separate jets. In a video, she also referred to Moneybagg as “daddy” as she pointed that one of the jets was for him and the other is for her. “This for daddy and this one is for mee,” she says in a silly voice.

The rumors have been swirling since January that Fletcher might be pregnant, but there has been no concrete evidence that she actually was pregnant. However, in September, she said she didn’t know if she was or was not pregnant as she didn’t take a test. Since that time, though, the influencer and IG model has been seen publicly drinking alcohol and smoking. She even had plastic surgery recently.

Fans are not convinced she is pregnant. One person reacting to the video said, “the shirt just big she’s not pregnant.” “She was just in the club drinking liquor and red bull she not pregnant,” another said.

Moneybagg Yo & Ari Fletcher

Fletcher is the mother of two-year-old son Yosohn who she shares with ex-boyfriend rapper G Herbo. Fans, though, think that Fletcher was appearing to start the rumor since her ex G Herbo I also expecting a baby with fiancée Taina.

“Now because g herbo having one,” “she pregnant now that gherbo about to have a baby.”

Late last year, G Herbo was arrested for racketeering, and in his application for bail, he stated a ground for having his freedom until trial – as one where he needed to travel as his fiancée was expecting. Not only was it bombshell news that he was engaged to Taina but also that the couple was expecting a baby. Ari is said to be one of the main witnesses testifying against Herbo in that case.

Meanwhile, fans on social media have called for Savage X Fenty to fire Ari as a model after she threatened the best friend of Nicki Minaj- Rah Ali to “beat the baby out of her,” after Ali, a reality TV star, shared a post on Twitter alluding to the emotional meltdowns that Ari was known to have especially regarding her relationships.

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Ray J Says he And Princess Loce Moving To Miami Might Save Their Marriage

Ray J says he and Princess Love are moving to Miami with their kids and that decision might end up saving their marriage.

After filing for divorce last year, it looks like Ray J and Princess Love might actually be getting back together. Their relationship has been followed by the media and their reality TV series for years, and after a difficult year not short of a new baby, a Vegas scandal, and divorce papers coming through in the end, fans are more intrigued than ever to find out where Ray J and Princess Love go from here. Well, here it is… The Love and Hip Hop stars are reportedly living together and are working on their relationship.

While we are yet to hear from Princess Love, Ray J sat down with TMZ Live and explained that while he and the mother of his children are not officially back together, the family certainly is. According to Ray J, the family moved down to Miami and are all living under one roof. Despite the fact that they are currently going through a divorce, Ray J says he and Princess are close to getting back together.

The reality stars have been married since 2016 and share two children, 2-year-old daughter Melody and 11-month-old son Epik. In the highly publicized aftermath of their November 2019 Las Vegas fracas, a pregnant Princess Love accused Ray J of abandoning her and their toddler in a hotel room. Several months after and after months of living apart in May 2020, Princess filed for divorce from Ray J. She later withdrew the papers only for Ray J to file again in September of last year.

The couple going from living apart and filing for divorce on the West coast to living together and working on reuniting in Miami is probably just the shift they needed to work things out. Do you think the Love & Hip Hop stars will get back together this time?

Lil Durk Reacts To Concerns Why He Was Nervous Around Lil Baby Shooting A Video

Lil Durk finally responded to fans noticing his nervous look while shooting a music video with Lil Baby.

Who would have thought that when Chi-Town rapper Lil Durk linked up with the Atlanta kid Lil Baby a few days ago, we would have been blessed with a truckload of memes for our viewing pleasure? The short clip, which is responsible for the latest viral meme, shows Baby and Durk hopping into the “Bigger Picture” rapper’s drop-top convertible. Lil Durk held something in his hand while Baby jumps behind the wheel, all while speaking to someone outside of the frame. It is during this onboarding process where we see a flushed-face Lil Durk flashing a very nervous look on his face. The clip has since been shared many times over, forming the basis for several hilarious memes.

It turns out that Lil Durk has an explanation for the ‘shooked’ look. He seemingly confirmed that he was indeed nervous; while explaining that he’s just ensuring he keeps himself safe.

“I am run up and see up close,” he wrote in his Instagram Story.

The Chicago rapper’s close associate King Von was killed in Atlanta 2020 after a dispute with Quando Rondo’s crew. His OTF clique is also rumored to have some unsettled business with other Chicago-based groups, which means an opposition could definitely pop out from just about anywhere. Still, there has not been any confirmation on where exactly the video was captured.

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It does seem to be from their upcoming music video for Durk’s track “Finesse out the Gang.” Durk has had a tremendous start to 2021, with the deluxe version of his late 2020 project The Voice, creating waves early on. He accompanied Drake on “Laugh Now Cry Later” earlier in the year, a move that cemented his space in the rap game. Durk also announced that he has yet another project on the way titled “Loyal Bros.” We are sure his growing fan base is eagerly awaiting its release. For now, you can check out a few of the memes floating around Twitter.

“Brand new car it’s noisy” – @lildurk @lilbaby4PF ??

— BET Music (@BETMusic) February 6, 2021

Did they steal the car? What’s up with dude in the passenger seat? ???

— Nicole ?? (@NicoleJ_4) February 6, 2021

Brodie was so shook in the car with baby it got him thinking about India ??

— tragic bronson (@VibeWitMe_) February 5, 2021

The gang at 3am: “Yeah drop the next addy”

Me trying to go home:

— Bean™? ? ? (@TristianHaynes1) February 6, 2021

Vybz Kartel Taps His Sons To Takeover His Record Label & Build On His Legacy

Vybz Kartel put his confidence in his sons to protect and build on his legacy and so you will see them become the face of his label.

Vybz Kartel’s son Akheel Raheim Palmer, better known by the name Likkle Addi, joined host Winfred Williams for an Onstage interview where he discussed school, music, and business. The teenage dancehall star explained that he’s no longer attending Jamaica College but is currently in 4th form at an unnamed institution where he is looking to secure a passing grade in a trio of business subjects. His older brother Likkle Vybz is also pursuing courses in business, though his place of education has not been confirmed.

It’s no surprise that their studies are all a part of a strategic move that will see both boys taking the helm of the Adidjahiem Records label started by dad Vybz Kartel. The boys won’t assume control of the label until the next two years when Likkle Addi turns 18. He told Windord, “It’s only a matter of time before everything falls into place.”

Both Likke Addi and Likkle Vybz have been pursuing music from a very young age. In 2014 they released “Hero,” and “PG Love.” That was followed up with “Great Adventure” and their smash hit “Radio.” Over the last couple of years, the boys have landed collaborations with their father on albums such as To Tanesha and Of Dons & Divas were both released last year.

The duo also released their debut 10-track EP Skinny Jean in 2020 and has since followed up with features on this year’s project Dancehall Royalty. Both Likkle Addi and Vybz Kartel feature on the standout track “Popular”, which has already raked in over 800,000 views on Youtube since the release of the video a week ago.

The young deejay boasted about his pen-game, as he explains that he wrote his verse for the track. “Every song that you see me put out that’s me Likkle Addi,” he said while revealing that he writes every day.

On the matter of the daily operations of Adidjahiem Records, the “Dollar Sign” deejay said that his younger brother, World Boss Jr (Aiko Palmer), would handle production. He and his older brother will be spearheading the day-to-day activities of the label, including scouting and screening new talents, production, distribution, and marketing.

Addi is keen on taking both his personal career and the label to “universal” heights, with hopes of his music reaching dancehall fans worldwide.

The Adidjahiem Record Label had helped to mold the careers of members of the now-defunct Portmore Empire. Among the artists who were part of the group include Popcaan, Tommy Lee Sparta, Blak Ryno, Jah Vinci, Vanessa Bling, Sheba, Shawn Storm, Lisa Hyper, and Dosa Medicine.

One point Likkle Addi declined from speaking on was becoming a father at the age of 15.

Pooh Shiesty Taunts Paralyzed Rival Rapper For Dissing Him & Lil Durk In A Song

Pooh Shiesty is trolling rapper EBG Ejizzle who is now paralyzed.

Memphis rapper Pooh Shiesty is one of the fast-rising members of Gucci Mane’s 1017 imprint. The rapper who recently released his freshman mixtape Shiesty Season is laughing about the downfall of rapper EBG Ejizzle, who is reportedly paralyzed after getting shot. Ejizzle, a fellow Memphis rap artist, dropped a diss track earlier this year for Pooh Shiesty, Lil Durk, and O-Block.

Pooh took to Instagram to react to the news that Ejizzle was paralyzed, taking to his story with a ton of laughing emojis. “Damn, that p**** dissed now he can’t even walk,” the rapper wrote. “F**k walk ion even think bro talking where he disappear to you ok? Check in give me some,” he wrote with a series of laughing emojis.

“Y’all ain’t gone put that in the next song is it, sh*t shot ain’t it” he mocked. Shiesty went on to show just how barefaced his ridicule was and clarified exactly who he was talking about in case there was any doubt. “The ugly main one rapping not the kid he nex,” he wrote, alluding to the rapper who dissed him and Lil Durk.

Pooh Shiesty has been in the spotlight lately for the work that he’s been putting out. In December, he teamed up with rapper SpotemGottem for “Beatbox 2,” the sequel to Gottem’s megahit from 2020. This month, Pooh finally released his debut project Shiesty Season. The 17-track mixtape features 1017 leader Gucci Mane, Lil Durk, with whom the rapper made his popular hit “Back In Blood,” Foogiano, 21 Savage, and more.

While he is steady on the rise and likely very busy these days promoting his new project, Pooh Shiesty is not too occupied to revel in the unfortunate news about his opps. Do you think the 1017-signee has every right to laugh at EBG Ejizzle now?

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Shenseea Lends Her Voice For COVID-19 PSA In Jamaica Amid Rising Cases

Shenseea lends her voice and influences to issue warning about COVID-19 in Jamaica amid rising new cases.

The big C, and we’re not taking cancer, has been the topic on everyone’s tongues for the past few months. The World Health Organization is working tirelessly to find ways to combat the deadly COVID-19 virus. One of the first steps in the process is public education, which the Jamaican government is looking to tap into through one of the island’s biggest stars Shenseea.

The dancehall singer recently provided an ‘educational’ parody of her popular 2019 hit song “Trending Gyal,” coming at us in the form of a message from the Ministry of Health and Wellness. The track outlines the safety precautions to take during the pandemic and the consequences you could face if they are not observed.

With lyrics like, “Covid in town, 6 feet apart than 6 feet in the ground,” and” sanitize or get hospitalized,” the song is already proving to be a hit among her followers.

The Health Minister, who is no stranger to social media, posted the video with the caption, “328 Covid-19 cases reported within the last 24 hours. Wise up Jamaicans. Complacency time is OVER. MASK UP. SANITIZE. KEEP YOUR DISTANCE and listen to this message from @shenseea.”

The Ministry of Health and Wellness collaborating with Romeich Entertainment and Shenseea proves to be a good move since the socialite has been known to have a huge influence over the island’s younger demographic.

Jamaicans are showing support to message with comments like, “Cold bumps a take mi … love the message,” alongside other comments stating, “We don’t need a lockdown so please tan ah yu yaad.” And as everyone can now see, it is a group effort by all to reinforce the warning.

Jamaica recorded 328 new cases in 24 hours on Friday, which is the highest tally of new cases recorded for this time frame. The number represents a jump from the 263 recorded the previous day. Jamaica has since recorded 16,841 confirmed cases of the deadly virus, a number the country’s leaders are hoping will begin to dwindle as vaccines are administered.

Check out the full video below to hear all about the various ways in which you can protect yourself.

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Lil Baby Escape Mob In His “Noisy” New Car After His Address Leaked

On Sunday Atlanta rapper Lil Baby had to pull a quick one on a mob of his adoring fans who surrounded the house where he was booked to stay, following the Super Bowl game in Tampa, Florida.

The game ended with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers winning 31-9 to the Kansas City Chiefs, becoming the first team to win the Super Bowl in their home stadium. Quarterback Tom Brady also secured his seventh Lombardi Trophy, two more than any other player in NFL history.

Let us pause on the recent festivities to focus on what many have considered a classic case of a home invasion. Fans of the “Bigger Picture” rapper are peeve at the recent event that took place, with some pointing out that the majority of the persons surrounding the premises were caucasian. “Let it had been some black people and security would’ve killed them,” came one comment.

Lil Baby recently landed a corporate bag when he teamed up with Monster Energy for his first-ever Super Bowl advertisement. The clip starts with a performance by the rapper in which he says, “I wasn’t born in the spotlight. Nah, I had to grind to shine, like a star on a hot night. And something ’bout the struggle now resides in my muscles. And every trial and trouble helped to hame my hustle. Real rockstars don’t chase the spotlight, it chases them.”

Home invasion is not a legally defined federal offense throughout the United States. However, in several states, such as Florida, the act is only deemed a criminal offense when it is accompanied by another crime such as burglary.

Luckily this was not the case for Lil Baby, who was a bit stirred by the presence of the crowd and immediately dismissed himself from the scene. In a video he posted. He jets off in a supercar but still films the large group of kids waiting to get a picture of him.

“Can’t come back there. Gotta get a whole new house,” he declares as he flees the scene, hoping to turn up at the much anticipated Super Bowl Party tonight. Fan also commended the efforts of Lil Baby on how he handled the situation as one IG user indicated, “this the type of post we wished we got about Pop Smoke.”

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Foota Hype Blames Jamaica PM Andrew Holness For Slump In Reggae

There has been much back and forth concerning who should take the fall for the downward spiral in Jamaica’s musical output. Well-known dancehall selector Foota Hype believes that Jamaica’s government is leading the charge in the demolition of the island’s music by withholding one of the catalysts needed to manufacture a hit, time.

Prime Minister Hon. Andrew Holness recently pledged to take a more hands-on approach in the creative area Jamaica is much revered for, after decades of violent and crude releases. During his address at the Jamaica Stock Exchange, Holness pointed out that singjay Chronixx is one exception to the rule, hinting that the “Warrior” deejay is a great model of someone for others to emulate. Famed dancehall producer Skatta Burrell recently concluded that the artists are not to be criticized and instead cast blame on his fellow producers for not guiding the new school acts in the creation of positive content. The producer also spoke about finding the correct balance, something Foota Hype think went through the door with the passing and subsequent reinforcement of the Noice Abatement Act in 2019.

According to The Ministry of Justice, the act is to control noise caused by amplified sound and other specified equipment. Its implementation led to public events being constricted to midnight on weekdays and 2 AM on weekends. Foota mentioned that this is not enough time to properly incorporate both reggae and dancehall sets at events, and as such, is limiting the growth of the more internationally recognized reggae music.

“If a nuh certain selector like a me or a Matterhorn or a (Fire) Links or some top selector weh wi guh inna dance prime time an drop some bloodc—t Reggae… Si Buju come out deh and dem naw look pon Buju song dem, caw no weh nuh deh fi play dem. Di timing fi play dem nuh deh-deh. When Til Shiloh and dem ting deh bus, nuh dat a run di place, caw yuh know seh when all 2:30 an yuh guh, yuh a hear some blood***t reggae and by 3:30 a Dancehall time,” Foota said while recounting the timeline entertainers adhered to before the act was implemented.

The veteran selector also made it a duty to clap back at the Prime Minister on claims of the music being overly violent. He explained that several artists have been releasing a plethora of albums deeply rooted in spirituality and positivity.

“Andrew is saying there is not enough positive music like weh Chronixx duh and ting. Andrew dat is a lie. Guh look how much album Turbulence have. Turbulence have over 25 album. Guh look how much album Sizzla have; guh look how much album Jah Mason, all a di Rasta dem have. Why are we not hearing these songs? Yuh waan hear why wi naw hear no song like Chronixx an dem stuff deh? When last Luciano get a hit? Yuh know how much song him have? I am going to break it down to you because you are talking to somebody who know di music,” Foota declared.

The former Alliance associate believes that there are still great productions coming from those classified as new school Reggae Revivalists. However, they are being stifled out of what could be hit songs due to time constraints.

“Kabaka Pyramid, di same Jesse Royal, di whole a dem yute yah weh a duh music – dem naw no hit song. Dem get couple song but dem naw nuh hit like weh Chronixx have. Becaw di dance too speedy, becaw a di time… di juggling dem too speedy; yuh caan get a good hit; yuh caan get a Rasta hit yuh caan get a good righteous hit, because di dance time too limited bredrin. A jus di truth. A jus di truth dawg… When last yuh hear one authentic Reggae song?” Foota questioned.

The selector, who also plies his trade in the US, explains that while he tries to ensure Reggae is included in his set, the time is not enough for both Reggae and the more aggressive dancehall music. This, he claims, is where the imbalance lies.

“If oonu a lock di gate pon music how it fi play? When a selecta get half hour fi play dawg, him a guh run guh play Skillibeng Crocodile Teeth…Him a guh play weh hot,” Foota said.

Foota has never been shy about voicing his opinion on matters that concern Reggae and dancehall, even if it means challenging the country’s leader.

“Yuh si because a how dem squingle dung di time, it mash up Reggae ting, mash it up wicked, widcked, wickedwicked. Any selector wi tell yuh some time yuh guh inna one party an yuh waan drop two Reggae, but because di groove is so slow and di groove is not with what is going on it hard bredrin. And di Reggae artist dem a feel it. Di Reggae hard fi bus. Dancehall song easier fi bus dan a Reggae song. And a just di truth bredrin,” Foota mentioned.

“Luciano still can sing. But him caan get no hit becaw dem naw play. Di space nuh deh deh fi play di song dem. Suh di people dem don’t have option. Me know weh mi a talk bout. When dem start enforce di lock-off time, Reggae artiste start suffer. Dem a stifle di culture; dem cripple it,” Foota said.

There are still some that believe the creation of openly violent lyrics rest solely on the artists themselves and not the producer or the government’s implementation of the Noise Abatement Act. What are your thoughts?

Mutabaruka Responds To Fantan Mojah’s Claim About Bob Marley & Cindy Breakspeare

Ever since the release of his track “Fire King,” Fantan Mojah has been unable to keep his name out of the media; presumably, this was the intention all along. Nonetheless, we digress as sure enough; the “Rasta Got Soul” singer has caused a significant uproar among many members of his Rastafarian community, with at least one person threatening legal action and others preparing to put their lion paws on him.

Mutabaruka is one such member of the Haile Selassie led religion who believes that the ‘frivolous’ music video in which Fantan Mojah is seen committing mild acts of debauchery will paint an incorrect image of the faith. While acknowledging that not everyone who chants Jah will follow the rules of the religion, the popular radio show host believes persons who have influence should keep such actions indoor and away from the public eye. Muta also made a wild accusation that Mojah would be pleasuring himself to the females seen in the music video in the years in the come.

Fantan has since clapped back at Muta in a now-viral clip. While standing among a group of his supporters, the singer seemingly paid his respects before mouthing his allegations.

“Yuh know say is a elder weh we rate from morning,” Fanton initially said. He followed that with, “Muta deh pon radio a seh lightning fi drop inna mi head when mi a perform, come on Muta… memba a beer white girl yuh f***.”

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The decorated poet was further chastised with claims that he is known for engaging in sexual relations with former Miss World and lover of Bob Marley, Cindy Breakspeare.

“Memba a Muta come pon radio a talk say him used to lock down with Cindy Breakspeare enuh,” said Fantan, before explaining an alleged incident in which Bob Marley forcibly gained entrance to the premises that Breakspeare and Muta were sharing and demanded, “hey freak boy, gimmi back be bloodc***t gyal.”

Though Bob and Cindy have never publicly claimed their relationship, numerous photos of the two enjoying each other’s company, as well as their offspring Damian Jr. Gong Marley, are pieces of evidence of a wild romance.

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Fantan continued his abrasive and slanderous claims by stating, “Nuff a unnu rasta weh a talk unnu a some f**kin bowcat to enuh, unnu a nuh rasta unnu a dread.” The “Hail The King” singer also issued a warning to others looking to engage in a physical confrontation with him. “The bwoi dem weh mi hear say a plan fi rush mi, memba mi gang big!” He said.

It seems he may need to defend himself on multiple fronts after Mutabaruka addressed his defamatory comments via the popular radio station Irie FM to which he is also employed.

“Fantan Mojah a make some real defamatory arguments,” said Muta while calling for the singer’s source of for the claims made. “Me want Fantan Mojah inna all a him travels fi tell me which white woman him ever hear say me de wid.”

“The second thing, the female weh him mention as it relates to Bob, which Cutting Edge him hear me seh that? When him hear me call tha woman de pon the radio?” Muta questioned.

He explained that the deejay would need to speak to his lawyer about the outlandish claims. “If him no wa talk to me, if go affi talk to me lawyer about it because that is inflammatory not only for me but for the woman who him mention,” stated Muta, along with a prediction that Fantan Mojah may have a handful of apologies to administer when the dust settles.

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DMX Got Collabs With Pop Smoke & Griselda Coming On New Album

DMX got some collaborations on his upcoming album with Pop Smoke and Griselda

Just about every fan of rap in the 90s was familiar with the chart-topping work of DMX. He dominated the airwaves and had had some of the hottest records. Fans haven’t heard from the rapper in many years, while many have been clamoring for him to make a comeback. He was freed from prison in 2019 and seemed on the path back to the studio though nothing was ever truly confirmed. There’s new information that the rapper has confirmed that he’s turning to the game working on dropping his ninth album.

The news comes from Swizz Beatz, who revealed that following his Verzuz battle with Snoop Dogg, the rapper was inspired to return to the studio and start putting pen to paper. Even with the confirmation, very little is known about the anticipated album. He spilled the tea a little bit while speaking with NORE during an episode of Drink Champs.

NORE shared a brief teaser clip of the upcoming show that now has fans more curious than ever. In the clip, DMX reveals some of the upcoming collaborations in the cards. “I got the Griselda boys,” DMX said, sending fans into a tizzy. He adds, “Pop Smoke,” indicating that this is another possible collab. It definitely means that he’s embracing the new style of hip-hop. His brief responses elicited surprise from both NORE and DJ EFN. “That’s what type of new I’m doing,” DMX adds.

It’s an indicator of the direction he would like to take the album in, but he also admitted that he hasn’t ever met Pop Smoke. “The growling was just a coincidence,” said DMX, alluding to Pop Smoke’s signature style. NORE brought some humor into the interview and declared that Pop Smoke is basically “DMX and 50 Cent’s baby,”. DMX responded in kind and fired back, “But he would have the baby! He would have the baby! It would be ours, but he would have it! I get it.”

It looks like DMX is ready to take on the new world of rap, and fans are ready to welcome the raspy-voiced rapper back into the game.

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Circle Jerks – Letter Bomb Lyrics

tired of being bossed around getting the run around sweep your floors empty your trash you’re the one who makes the cash tired of being a pissant 9 to 5 open my letter you won’t be alive here’s a present just for you when you’ll open it you’ll be through sit behind your desk act like a king treat me like a human being give me the worst jobs i’m getting mad when you’re dead i’ll be glad here’s a present just for you when you’ll open it you’ll be through plastic explosive on your letter you’d be better off dead hope the building crumbles, on your head die! die!

Vamps – Secret In My Heart Lyrics

Don’t say
The secret in my heart
Don’t stray
I must never go there

fukaku ni tsuyomaru
kimi he no omoi

kansen shika uirusu no
zoushoku ga ooitsukusu you ni
ore wo mushibamu
saibou fukaku he

I can’t cage you in darkness,
My desire trap you forever
I must not let my love free
It’s destiny of the vampire

ubaenai kokoro ga aisu hodo

kono chi no yokujou wo
osaeru you
shuumaku wo oroshi
yukusaki wo mita
eikyuu no yami wo

My love afire,
I want to meet you once again
To watch our lives expire
Old with you a wonderful death

I can’t cage you in darkness,
My desire trap you forever
I must not let my love free
It’s destiny of the vampire

George Jones – Give My Love To Rose Lyrics

I found him by the railroad tracks this morning
I could see that he was nearly dead
I knelt down beside him and I listened
Just to hear the words the dying fellow said.

He said they let me out of prison back in Frisco
For ten long years I’ve paid for what I’d done
I was trying to get back to Louisiana
Just to see my Rose and get to know my son.

Won’t you tell them I said thanks for waiting for me
And tell my boy to help his mama at home

Tell my Rose to try to find another
For it ain’t right that she should live alone.

Mister here’s the bag with all my money
It won’t last them long the way it goes
God bless you for finding me this morning
Now don’t forget to give my love to Rose.

Give my love to Rose, won’t you mister
Take her all my money, tell her buy some pretty clothes
Tell my boy that daddy’s so proud of him
And don’t forget to give my love to Rose…

Reverend & The Makers – Bandits Lyrics

Spin for feature or I hold for fruit
I need two more nudges and I’ll drop the loot
Sure I’ll jack it almost anytime
Here’s a voice creeping from behind

No, no mate you wanna’ hold the pears
Cos I’ve been watching you from over by the stairs
Turbocash is cool you wanna’ let ‘em spin
But if the hoppers full you’re guaranteed a win

No, no mate why don’t you understand
I’ve got a scheme a plan I’ve got it all in hand
I need a no-lose or an extra life
And me mobile’s ringing. It’s me wife

Where are you Jon what time will you be home
I’ve been trying to call just get your answerphone
I’ve told you once, I’ve told you times before

I can’t get to sleep until you’re through the door
Are you listening to anything I say?
We need the money, we got bills to pay
Don’t get drunk and make sure you’re not late
And don’t be gambling please for goodness sake

Back inside a frown adorns my face
Because I see this bloke’s stepped in and took me place
What takes the biscuit, really tops it off
Is when the jackpot lights up, he’s took the lot

Haha lad you see what I just did?
I just dropped the bandit, only spent a quid
Oh were you playing mate?
I didn’t realise…

I’m so skint and demoralised

There’s always tomorrow mate

Rue Royale – Flightline Lyrics

and in a moment and in one instant i throw the whole of it away and in a moment and in one instant i throw the whole of it away and you could not imagine all the damage i would do if there were more time. because the rubble left behind me is only guilty of being in my flight line

and in the morning and when i’m waking i try to start a brand new day and in the morning and when i’m waking i try to start a brand new day and even i could not imagine all the innocent that i would take down because the rubble left behind me is only guilty of being in my flight line

and after moving and in my leaving i feel the pain of my mistake and after moving and in my leaving i feel the pain of my mistake and we were beautiful together until selfishly i tore it all down because the rubble left behind me is only guilty of being in my flight line

Enigma Norteno – Las Palabras Del Mochomo Lyrics

Paroles de la chanson Las Palabras Del Mochomo :
Cuando me agarraron
Dicen todo hiba planeado
Por cierto arrancaba el año…

Y como lo voy a olvidar..
2008 en Culiacan…

Se desato la guerra
Por unos malentendidos
Gracias a dios hoy hay tregua…

Espero mi libertad..
Yo soy Alfredo Beltran…

Una confusion con mi carnal
El botas blancas
Todos se empezaron a brincar las trancas…

Todo fue equivocacion..
Ese tiempo ya paso…

(Porque lo que no mata te hace mas fuerte
Echele ganas compa Gerardo Ortiz jajai)

(Y puro Enigma Norteño viejon
Ay nomas)

Ahora yo espero regresar en poco tiempo
Para seguir con mi puesto…

Ya me falta mas poquito..
Sigo al 100 con el chapito…

Extraño mi rancho
Y no pierdo las esperanzas
De salir de esta prision…

Hay que mantener la calma..
Pronto estare aya en la palma…

Saludos al Junior
Para mi hijo Alfredito
Eres todo un valiente pura sangre…

Ustedes ya saben como
Se despide el mochomo…

Earth, Wind & Fire – Magnetic Lyrics

Oh yeah, yeah, yeah

No self-control
(A chain reaction as my body lets go)
A strange kind of light
(The tempo takes me and the circuit excites)

The rhythm of a dangerous dance
(Let’s dance in the static)
Suck you in twice as fast

The rhythm of a dangerous dance
(Let’s dance in the static)
Suck you in, you’ll never last

Step into the light
Make the spark ignite
Step into the light tonight

No place to hide
(I keep on runnin’ but I’m falling behind)
A new kind of beat
(It takes your mind, then it takes your feet)

The rhythm of a dangerous dance
(Let’s dance in the static)
Suck you in twice as fast

The rhythm of a dangerous dance
(Let’s dance in the static)
Suck you in, you’ll never last

Are we making contact tonight?
(Don’t break the circuit, ooh)
I’ll be making contact tonight
(Don’t break the circuit, don’t)

The rhythm of a dangerous dance
(Let’s dance in the static)
Suck you in twice as fast

The rhythm of a dangerous dance
(Let’s dance in the static)
Suck you in, you’ll never last

The rhythm of a dangerous dance
(Let’s dance in the static)
Suck you in twice as fast

The rhythm of a dangerous dance

(Let’s dance in the static)
Suck you in, you’ll never last

Are we making contact tonight?
(Don’t break the circuit, ooh)
I’ll be making contact tonight
(Don’t break the circuit, oh)

Step into the light
Make the spark ignite
Step into the light tonight

Step into the light
Make the spark ignite
Step into the light tonight

The rhythm of a dangerous dance
(Let’s dance in the static)
Suck you in twice as fast

The rhythm of a dangerous dance
(Let’s dance in the static)
Suck you in, you’ll never last

Step in the light tonight
Go make the sparks ignite
Step in the light tonight

Step into the light
Make the spark ignite
Step into the light
(Dance in the static tonight)

Step in the light tonight
Make the sparks ignite
Step in the light tonight

Step into the light
Make the spark ignite
Step into the light
(Dance in the static tonight)

Step in the light tonight
Make the sparks ignite
Step in the light tonight

Step into the light
Make the spark ignite
Step into the light
(Dance in the static tonight)

Step in the light tonight
Make the sparks ignite
Step in the light tonight

Step into the light
Make the spark ignite
Step into the light
(Dance in the static tonight)

Beulah – Night Is The Day Turned Inside Out Lyrics

Slow, and I can’t wait
As the day turns inside out
Night falls on you darling, darling
It falls on me too
And I’m tired
And I can’t sleep
But I try
So I can dream
You know, forever’s awhile
And tomorrows still a night away
And it’s late
And I just wanna go home
I fly over the sea
And the planes I see you
Hanging on the wing darling, darling
Holding onto me
Passed out in my room
Your bread is sunny and warm
You know, forever’s a while
And tomorrows still cold and gray

And it’s late and I just wanna go home
Don’t say you’ll miss me
Cuz I know you miss me
You keep blowing me kisses over the phone
Don’t say you’ll leave me
Cuz I know you won’t leave
You know it took years for you to stay
I don’t love you to death
But I’d die if you left
From state to state, you know I’d race
But nobody knows which exit is yours
There is a place in the red light district
Of your heart that I used to visit
It’s been boring
I can’t afford it anymore

Kevin Garrett – Pure imagination

Come with me, and you’ll be
In a world of pure imagination
Take a look and you’ll see
Into your imagination

Kevin Garett – Pure imagination Lyrics continue below:

We’ll begin with a spin
Traveling in the world of my creation
What we’ll see, will defy explanation

If you wanna view paradise
Simply look around and view it
Anything you want to, do it
Wanna change the world?
There’s nothing to it

There is no life I know
To compare with pure imagination
Living there
You’ll be free
If you truly
Wish to be

(Come with me, and you’ll be
In a world of pure imagination)

TEP NO – We could be cool

[Instrumental intro]

If I lose you, babe, on the sidewalk
Will you want me late or deceive me?

Tep No – We could be cool Lyrics continue below

Oh, baby, don’t go real soon
I wanted to hold you through
We could be cool
We could be cool

Oh, baby, don’t go real soon
I wanted to hold you through
We could be cool
We could be cool

I will find you, babe, on this evening
Will you want me late or deceive me?

Oh, baby, don’t go real slow
I wanted to hold you close
We could be cool
We could be cool
We could be cool
We could be cool

Wе could be cool
We could be cool
Wе could be cool

We could be cool
Don’t go real slow
I wanted to hold you close
We could be cool
We could be cool